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Hair Hydration…and a Hiatus

Good morning and welcome back to Friday! It was a short week, what with the Canada Day holiday on Monday, and we hope it felt like a short week for you. Sometimes those 4-day work weeks can really seem extra long, but now that Friday is here, we feel like we can do anything!


Last week we introduced – or rather re-introduced – you all to the newly launched Sap Moss Weightless Shampoo and Conditioner, and today we want to add a little more information to that introduction with some more details about this product, what it can do for your hair, as well as some of the thought and research that went into it. 


Living Aveda gives us all the details for the recreation of the amazing Sap Moss aroma, and it’s an interesting read. Learning about the desire to modernize it and not just bring it out of vault intact is quite fascinating. The Sap Moss aroma is often described as earthy, and if you’re familiar with the original, you’ll understand what they mean when the article goes on to describe it as ‘sexy dirt’! Love that. And an updated version of this is just perfect.


We also get to learn all about the ingredients that make Sap Moss so special – and there really is both sap AND moss in there! Iceland moss and larch tree sap, to be more specific. The moss is rich in nutrients and can absorb nearly twice its weight in water, making it an excellent ingredient for a product that won’t weigh down hair. Other ingredients include a blend of coconut and kukui oils for deep conditioning, shine, and softness. 


We are so excited for you to give Sap Moss a try, can you tell? Get that deep, deep hydration that we all need in the heat of the summer. Sun exposure, salt or chlorine water, and wind can all do a number on your locks. Let Sap Moss help prevent some of that damage!


Enjoy the weekend, friends, and enjoy the rest of the summer too! The Willow Salon blog is taking a brief hiatus until September. We’re going to rejig a few things, make a few changes and return afresh with some new ideas to share with you. It’s hard to believe the blog has been coming at you twice a week since March 2016! That’s just over three years, and three is the magic number, after all. It’s time for an overhaul, a refresh, a renovation if you will. And we’re excited to bring this new version to you.


Until then, friends, take good care, and see you in September!

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