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Tuesday Tricks: Fake It ‘Til You Make It!

Good morning and happy day after the long Canada Day weekend. Was it tough getting up this morning? We totally get it. The weather is making us feel like staying in bed all day long so far today, that’s for sure. It’s a little dull and overcast out there for starters; humid and muggy to boot. The weekend itself was lovely, which is honestly all that matters in our opinion. Let the iffy weather happen during the week, just give us sunny days on the weekends all summer long!


If motivation is an issue for you today, you are not alone. It’s hard to shift gears from relaxing on a patio, taking in the fireworks, and other long weekend entertainment to heading back to the daily grind. And so, like we’ve said on many other occasions, fake it ‘til you make it! That is, put on a motivated face, even if you’re not feeling it 100%. And the best way we know how to do that? A bold, mood-lifting lipstick always does the trick!


We did a little digging around for the hottest lipsticks of the season, and found a few that will help you wake up on the toughest of mornings – including days like today after a stellar long weekend! 

Inspiration from juicy summer fruit and flowers!

Live Glam gets us started with their picks for the seven best lipstick colours for the season, and they are definitely bold, in-your-face (on-your-face?) colours that make us think of summer flowers and summer fruit! Electric tangerine, bright orange and fuschia are among the faves we’re seeing, as well as a fiery red-orange, a shockingly dark burgundy, and purple, purple, purple! Honestly, these colours are to die for, and will go a very long way with helping us get in the weekday zone.


We also hear from Judith Jones, editor-in-chief of Who What Wear, as she shares her favourite lipstick trends for the summer of 2019. Her picks go for a little less shock value as she tries on eight different shades and colour palettes that were big during the various fashion weeks back in the spring. Soft petal pinks, nude gloss, and pretty peaches give off major 1970s babe vibes, and we’re here for it! She also hits us with a power red and a sweet berry to round things out, but the trend here is softer and lighter. Which goes to show that whatever lipstick makes you feel motivated is the one for you.


Finally, The Kit asked three of their staffers for their pick for a summer lip colour, and they didn’t hesitate. Their go-tos? Tangerine, bright poppy pink and a gorgeous lavender – another take on the oranges, fuschias, and purples we already talked about! 


So, as we finish up and the sun starts to peek through the clouds, we hope the promise of a fun lippy has made it a little easier to dive into your day! We know lipstick is not the answer to all our problems, but if a bold lip helps you fake it until you’re feeling it, we say go for it! 


Go get ‘em this week, friends. And just think: only three sleeps ‘til Friday! We can do it!


Have a great week, and we’ll chat again on Friday.

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