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Fall Fashion Finale: Link Roundup!

Happy Tuesday, friends! Just think, tomorrow is Wednesday, which is the middle of the week, and then it’s just two days ‘til Friday. How’s that for positive thinking?


We are here today to wrap up our fall fashion and trends series, with a good ol’ link roundup! We have been focusing on one or two aspects of fall fashion – floral prints, denim, bold colours – and now it’s time to hit you with a little bit of everything.


Check these links for everything you need to know not only about what to wear for the next few months, but how to wear it.


First up we’d like to feature this MASSIVE collection of looks from Stylecaster. Entitled The Top 12 Trends from New York Fashion Week Fall 2017, it might just be 12 trends, but there is an absolute WEALTH of information on this site. With a multitude of photos and information, Stylecaster has really hit it out of the park with their roundup. They’ve included pretty much everything from NYFW, and lucky for us, we get to benefit from their research! Some great stuff here from Stylecaster, they are going to be among our new faves, we can just tell!

Photo from


Vogue takes a more casual approach with their guide to street style in How Street Stylers Are Getting a Head Start on Fall 2017’s Biggest Trends, and honestly, street style really is where it’s at. Real people, wearing real clothes…yes, please! We are all for the runway, but sometimes it’s nice to just see something fashionable and a little more down to earth, you know? Having said that, there’s a LOT of wild metallics on the Vogue site, which may not be the easiest thing to pull off, but still. Great stuff from Vogue, let your imagination take over and grab a few looks from their foundation.


We also can’t get enough of all the looks from ELLE lately! A Complete Guide to Fall 2017’s Top Fashion Trends has LOADS of photos and all the best trends – including accessories trends! Often when we think of seasonal fashion we focus too much on the main event – the dresses, the suits, the skirts and tops, the pants and jackets. But the accessories can really make an outfit, AND – and we know we’ve said this before – if you’re watching your budget and you can’t splash out on a bunch of new outfits, you might just be able to snag a pair of boots, a funky hat, some fishnet tights, or a belt, to seal the deal and stay on-trend. Nothing wrong with that! 

These hats!
Photo from


So now that it finally – after nearly a month – feels like fall, indulge in all the goodies the fall fashion season has to offer! And let us know what YOUR favourite is! Leave us a comment or send us a message as to what’s speaking to you this season.


Thanks, as always, for reading! See you back here Friday!


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Two Great Looks: Bold is Best!

Good morning! Welcome to Friday and not just ANY Friday. That’s right, it’s Friday the Thirteenth!


Are you superstitious about days like today? Or is it just a day like any other for you? However you’re feeling about the ol’ 13th, we’ve got something special to feature on the blog for you today. It might be good luck, or it might just be a coincidence that the Aveda YouTube channel has given us not one but two new makeup tutorial videos, and we can’t wait to show you!


You’ll likely remember that we introduced Aveda’s Fall/Winter makeup collection Birds of Paradise a couple of weeks ago. And now, after that colourful introduction, we’re able to see some of these gorgeous shades and products in action!


Now that the chillier, more fall-like weather is here – sorry to those of you who are already missing summer – it’s time to bring back the bold colours and looks that can weigh us down in the heat of the summer. For two looks that will set you up perfectly for fall events – and may take you right into the *cough* holidays *cough* – take a look at the two gorgeous new videos below:




Now, we will admit, there is a LOT that goes into both those looks. And if you’re keen to give either of them a go, the pause button is your friend! Watch, watch again, pause, go back…you get the idea. Or, if you’re a makeup application pro, maybe just a one-time watch will be all you’ll need to get the gist and then just get it done!


And, as always, sometimes just taking one or two techniques and trying them on for size can be the way to do it. Especially if you’re just getting started. The nice thing about the Aveda videos is they show you not just the colours and techniques, but also fill you in on what tools you’ll need, which ones will work best for the job at hand.


We are loving these looks – the soft, undone looking eyes plus the vibrant, bold lips are magical together. And those colours are just swoonworthy!


Enjoy the weekend, friends! Get your bold lip on if you dare, and we’ll be back on Tuesday with the final installment of our fall fashion series. See you then!

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Deep Diving Into Denim: Fall Fashion Part II

Happy day after Thanksgiving, friends! We hope you had a stellar long weekend filled with all your favourite foods and activities. We certainly can’t complain about the weather. Even Monday, although it started out rainy and damp came into its own sunshiney happiness later in the day. So if you were pumpkin patching, apple picking, or just chowing down on some Thanksgiving pie goodness, you had cooperation from Mother Nature at least!


We promised you a kind of fall fashion series here on the blog, and we are about to continue to make good on that promise. Today we have installment number two in the series and this one is all about the denim.


In a lot of ways, denim should maybe be taken off the radar for spring, summer, fall AND winter fashions, because it is always everywhere. But the interesting thing about denim is its extreme versatility, and its ability to reinvent itself – seasonally.


Ok, that makes it sound like denim is some sort of sentient being that is capable of thought and morphing abilities, and that is not at all what we are trying to convey. Rather it’s the designers that have the uncanny ability to turn denim – just regular old everyday denim – into something that we want to continually put on our bodies. And can you blame them?


Denim is a fantastic fabric. It’s durable, long-lasting, and can be as chic or as casual as you want it to be. What’s not to love? This season, true to form, designers have amped up our love affair with the old standby once again,  and we are ready to present to you the Fall 2017 denim trend for your consideration.


Who What Wear has a great gallery of The Denim Trends Everyone is Wearing in Paris, and how is that for extremely fancy? The looks themselves run the gamut from wide leg jeans to denim corsets and off-the-shoulder denim dresses. There is A LOT going on with these looks and frankly, we are here for them.


Our pals at PopSugar have a nod to the return of skinny jeans – a look we thought had left us but turns out that was just fleeting. And their argument for letting skinnies back into your life is compelling, honestly. It helps that they have a large gallery of great skinny-related looks to change our collective minds too. Hmmm….what are your thoughts on bringing skinny back?

Refinery29 also shows us what’s hot in denim, and to be honest, it seems like anything goes. Short, boxy denim jackets, wide, wide flares, maxi skirts, and one-piece denim jumpsuits give us loads of options as we transition deeper into fall.


A small note should also be said about the different washes of our denim trends. If you’re paying attention, you’re likely to see a lot of dark wash denim AND lots of light wash too. And perhaps, in one of the most triumphant comebacks of all time, a certain amount of acid wash is on our radar. Yes, you read that correctly, acid wash is making an appearance.


If you were part of the acid wash trend back in the day, you may not be interested in reliving that, but if you’re new to the scene, well, you might just be intrigued by that acid wash goodness. It’s all about what you feel most comfortable in, what most speaks to you, and what you like aesthetically. For example, if you’re feeling the Canadian tuxedo, friends, we want you to embrace it. You won’t get any judgement from us.


And on that note, we’re wrapping up today’s post, but we’ll see you back here on Friday for more from the fashion world. See you then!


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Friday Five: Thanksgiving Long Weekend Edition!

Good morning and welcome to a rainy (finally) Friday. We knew the sun couldn’t shine forever. As the saying goes, into each life a little rain must fall. And that’s ok. As well, it’s Friday AND it’s the Friday of a long weekend, so rain or not, it’s going to be a good one.


And anyway, we have something to help you make the best of this rainy start to the day, and that’s our Thanksgiving long weekend edition of the Friday Five!


This week we are featuring someone very near and dear to your Willow team’s heart, none other than Caryl Colton, Director of Education for Aveda Canada!


As Kim says:


“I can’t help but smile during all of Caryl’s classes as they are SO inspiring and motivating.”


Caryl is also Kim’s mentor through the Aveda Certified Educator program – nothing like learning from the best!


So without further delay, we bring you Caryl’s Friday Five for this holiday weekend:


One place

Barry’s Bay Ontario (Into the wilderness for Thanksgiving)


One outfit

Wool Socks and my Favourite plaid shirt…it’s going to be chilly!


One song

The flower duet by Leo Delibes (I just heard it again this weekend and remembered how much I love it) I particularly love this version: 

One product

Shampure Dry Shampoo.


One word



Gratitude really sums it up, doesn’t it? Especially this weekend. Thanks so much for participating, Caryl! It was great to have you here on the blog today.


And to all of you, we hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend with family and friends. Just a reminder that Willow will be closed tomorrow (Saturday) for the long weekend, and open as usual on Tuesday morning.


Enjoy, everyone. Eat lots of pie, have lots of laughs, and we’ll see you back here Tuesday.

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Fashion For Fall, Fall For Fashion!

Can we talk? There’s a subject we’ve been dying to bring up, but we just haven’t found the right moment. First it was too early. Then, the timing could have been right, but it was too hot. But now! Now seems like the perfect time to start a conversation about…


Fall. Fashion.


Yessssss! We’ve been seeing it for weeks, and finally – finally – we are able to actually wear it, to actually put it on our bodies, without,  you know,  bursting into flames. Ok that might be a little bit dramatic, but you get the point. When the weather is an unseasonal 40C, no one wants to be thinking about fall ANYthing. Even pumpkin spice latte sales were way down…ok fine, we have no proof of that, but it’s probably true…


ANYWAY, back to the fashion. If you’ve been eyeing sweaters and boots, tights and jackets, now is your time, friends.


One of the things about fall fashion – well, every season’s fashion, really – is that there is so much of it! So we are going to spend the next few blog posts talking trends (likely with some Aveda, Willow, and other newsy bits thrown in) so that we can cover it all, without resorting to writing a 10,000 word manifesto on the specific details of puffer jackets, you know?


So, to kick things off, and because we’re still juuuuust into fall temperatures, and we know lots of you are still craving that summer vibe, let’s talk about one of the big trends for fall 2017…florals!


Now wait a second, aren’t florals usually kind of a spring/summer thing? Well, yes. And no. Yes, because they are for sure for those seasons, and no because now they are also translating to fall attire, and we are LOVING what we are seeing so far! 


Vogue has a lovely gallery of all things flowery, but these florals are less Laura Ashley, and more straight up sophistication. Darker for fall too, we’re seeing loads of black, red, dark greens and blues. And often the flower is a motif, or a theme, rather than an all-over pattern, which takes it to another level of elegance.


Then there’s this from Harper’s Bazaar:


“But florals are everywhere, and they’re heady, usually set against vivid dark backgrounds (Alexander McQueen, Isabel Marant, Altuzarra, Michael Kors, and countless others), and sophisticated rather than twee: You can picture a gallerista wearing them.” 


There’s that word again – sophisticated. These aren’t your grandma’s floral prints! Or, maybe they are! Who’s to say your grandma isn’t a fashionista extraordinaire?! Not us!


PopSugar also helps us jump on the flower bandwagon with the look they are calling Modern Folklore. Kind of a nod to traditional cultural attire with rich colours in tapestry-like patterns, detailed embroidery, and yes, lots of flowers!


And it’s not just clothing that’s making the floral statement, you’ll also see it in shoes and boots this fall. Once again PopSugar has everything you need to know about this season’s boot trends with The Ultimate Fall Boot Guide For 2017.

Well, there you have it. Just one of dozens of trends for you to get behind for fall 2017. We’ll bring you more over the next few posts, although we are still not sure we will highlight the return of the fanny pack…just doesn’t seem quite right, but hey, if you want to know the ins and outs of the fanny pack trend, just let us know. We aim to serve our readers!


Have a great week, everyone! See you Friday for another Friday Five!


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Stretching the Season

Happy Friday, friends! Can you feel the change in the air? Wow, what a difference from earlier this week! We are definitely experiencing autumn temperatures now, and isn’t it nice not to be constantly sweating, while still enjoying some (mostly) sunny weather? A definite plus!


In spite of the sudden move to fall, some of us are not quite ready to let go of our summer beach-inspired hair. And there’s nothing wrong with that! Especially since we now have Aveda’s fab new Texture Tonic to help us create some of the best waves, tousled styles, and undone hair around. 


If you missed our Texture Tonic launch, let us catch you up. Texture Tonic is Aveda’s answer to sea sprays, made with a blend of sugars for soft, touchable, defined texture every time you style. Hair never feels sticky or crunchy with Texture Tonic, it’s designed to give you an undone, unfussy look and feel. Think effortless texture and soft waves. 


There are dozens of ways to use this versatile product, and our friends at the Living Aveda blog have highlighted ten for us this month, while we’re still feeling those beachy, summery vibes.


Check them out here: 10 Tips for Using Aveda’s New Texture Tonic


Need something a bit more visual? We’ve got you, friends. New on the Aveda YouTube channel is a fun tutorial from supermodel Anne Vyalitsyna, bringing us her Natural Waves Tutorial:



It won’t be long before we’re looking for tips on preventing static and frizzies and protecting hair from the extreme cold, wind, and…ok, enough of that. Let’s keep the sunshine season going as long as possible – at least for our hair! Rock those undone, tousled waves while you can, and let Texture Tonic be your go-to product long after the beach itself is just a memory for this year, and a dream for next.


Have a great weekend, everyone! See you Tuesday.


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Keeping Your Cool in…Autumn?!?

We’re not going to beat around the bush here, friends. It is hot as heck out there, and in honour – ok honour might not be the best word to use – we are bringing back a favourite post from last summer. Actually, this post was from last spring! May 31st to be exact, so what is going on?


Anyway, last May, when it was already pretty hot, before the summer even got started, we ran a wee series of posts we called our Summer Style Survival guide. In post #3, cheekily called “Summer Style Part III: Makeup Tips for When it Feels Like We’re Living on the Surface of the Sun” we offered tips and tricks for keeping your makeup on and remaining as fresh looking as possible under the circumstances. Who knew we’d be referring to it this year in the very last week of September? Yet here we are.


So with that little introduction, we present a recycled post that is ridiculously relevant today, and we hope it helps just a bit:


Welcome back to the blog! We hope everyone had a great weekend.


We had originally planned to move on from the Summer Style Survival series, and give you something new and exciting, but this hot weather just will not let up, and it’s all we can think about, really. So we have decided to keep this train a-runnin’. Today we are bringing you Part III in the series – Hot Weather Makeup Tips.


As much as it’s easy to say “Step one: don’t bother wearing makeup. End of tutorial.” we all know that just isn’t an option – nor should it be! If you’re a person who enjoys wearing makeup whether on a daily basis, or more exclusively for special occasions, it’s not something you necessarily want to give up, just because the weather is conspiring against you. And, just like with your hair, there are ways to weatherproof your makeup look…you just have to know the tricks. That’s where we – and our trusty helper websites and magazines – come in!


“It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity…”
We here in southern Ontario are no strangers to THAT sentiment, that’s for sure. If we had a dollar for every time we’ve heard that right?! As cliche as it sounds, there is a lot of truth to this. Humidity can really do a number on our whole system, so it’s not as eye rolly as it sounds to complain about the excess moisture in the air when the temperatures rise. That sticky, uncomfortable feeling when the Humidex is way up there is just no fun at all, and when the makeup you’re applying is sweating off as it’s going on…well is there anything more frustrating?


Lighten Up!
It’s tempting when you see that shine come through on your face, to double up on foundation and powder to keep it all in place and looking immaculate. But here’s the thing to keep in mind: nature always wins. It’s true! Sweating, while annoying when it ruins your makeup, is the way your body keeps its cool, and nothing aside from constant air conditioning and/or not moving ever, is going to change that during the summer. But sweatproof – or at least sweat resistant – makeup IS possible.


From our research, the consensus seems to be that prepping your skin with a primer is the best way to keep makeup from sliding off your face during a heatwave. Primers lay the foundation for foundation (sorry) and help reduce shine.


Good coverage, light, and SPF – perfect for summer!

Foundation, if you use it, should be applied with a light touch, and one of the best on the market for summer is Aveda’s Inner Light Mineral Tinted Moisturizer. Light but long-lasting, and SPF 15 to boot for extra sun protection.


Powder can be a good way to set your foundation or tinted moisturizer, but watch out for clumping if you are powdering a sweaty face. We’ve all been there, trust. The good people at Buzzfeed give us the straight goods on keeping your makeup from sliding off your face this summer, including the proper way to apply powder! Check out their Twenty-One Ways to Sweat-Proof Your Makeup for tips and how-to videos.


Even with all best efforts, sometimes sweat happens. Lots of beauty bloggers and fashionistas recommend keeping oil blotting papers on hand for just such a situation. These can be great, but when it’s 30+C for much of the summer, that’s a pretty big investment for something you’re going to dispose of as soon as you use it. Definitely shop around for papers that work for you, but consider the ol’ DIY approach if you’re trying to save a few bucks (or if you’re stuck in a shiny emergency!)


Actual tissue paper:

You know, the kind people use in gift bags! Have some left from the holidays? Cut a sheet or two into smaller sizes and you’re good to go. (For real, your blogger tried this and it actually works!)


Toilet seat covers:

Um, what? Well, If you’re in a public restroom that dispenses these, give it a try. Basically, they are also tissue paper, so that’s likely the reason they’re useful for this beauty hack. The jury is out on this, to be honest, but if you’re willing to test drive one, let us know!


Starbucks napkins:

Okaaaay… Apparently, these are good at blotting as well – but only the brown ones, and only Starbucks. Pick up your morning latte or Americano, and grab an extra napkin for the car/your purse. Again, let us know what you think if you give this strategy a go.


Lots more ideas, tips, and tricks at the websites below, and if YOU have any great ideas for summer beauty, please do let us know in the comments!


See you Friday, friends. Wishing you a sweat-free rest of the week!


Beat the Heat Summer Makeup – Free Spirit Salon


10 Ways to Sweat-Proof the Heck Out of Your Summer Beauty Routine – Glamour


The Rules of Wearing Makeup in 100-Degree Weather –


So there you have it!


Full disclosure: as much as we at the Willow Salon blog are into reducing, reusing, and recycling, we are not going to get in the habit of recycling old posts on a regular basis, just so you know. This one just spoke to us, given this extended summer and the current heatwave. And, let’s face it, our brains might be a little bit poached after a record-breaking temperature weekend.


The good news is the relief is coming, and before we know it we’ll be talking tips to keep makeup from freezing on your face! Ah yes, like true Canadian residents, we’re always pining for the season we’re not currently experiencing…so typical!


So enjoy the rest of the week, friends. Stay as cool as possible, and we’ll talk to you again on Friday.

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The Birds (of Paradise) Are The Words

It’s Friday, again friends! Ah, Friday, we work toward it all week, don’t we? What are your weekend plans? The Ancaster Fair kicked off last night, and it runs until Sunday. All signs point to a summery feel for the weekend, so it might be a good one to spend outdoors if possible.


If you are a fair-goer during this time of year – and Ontario has LOTS of them to choose from – what’s your favourite part? Are you into the rides or the midway games? Maybe you like the demolition derby (always a classic) or the entertainment. Or maybe you’re the kind of person who really gets into the animals. All those prize-winning cows and pigs and chickens? Where else are you going to get to see those?!


We have had animals – especially birds – on the brain after last week’s post about Aveda’s new Birds of Paradise makeup collection for Autumn 2017, and now, a new little teaser video has been released via Aveda’s YouTube channel. This one features the upcoming Birds of Paradise hair colour collection, and it is as glorious as you are imagining!

The video is bright and colourful, features a variety of hair lengths, types, and colours (of course) and also offers a shout out to the Audubon Society, which you can read here:


“No creature is quite as magical as a bird — they inspire and remind us of our connection to the Earth. The new Aveda Autumn/Winter 2017 collection, Birds of Paradise, is a celebration of their unparalleled beauty.
The colors, textures, movement, and shapes of exotic birds come to life in the collection’s hair and makeup looks. Hair is smooth or tousled — or a blend of both. Color flows from one tone to another with every turn, glossy and shining with reflective light, and feathery, asymmetrical cuts show how beautiful it is to fly free.
We are grateful to the National Audubon Society for allowing us to use their feather imagery as a backdrop and inspiration for this collection. Audubon holds one of the highest ethical standards for bird photography and believes that respect for birds and their habitats is more important than securing the perfect shot. For more information, visit


This is a fantastic resource for photographers – professional and amateur alike – and we think it’s wonderful that Aveda, for their new line of hair colour and makeup, has featured it.


So if you’re off to the fair, and have the opportunity to check out some exotic birds – even some chickens can be pretty colourful, we’ve been told – have a look at the way the colours blend and move and shift as the bird moves. Then think about applying some of those principles to hair colour. Who knows, you might just get inspiration for your next look from a bird! Nothing wrong with that, friends.


Have a great weekend, whatever you’re up to, and we will see you back here Tuesday! Cheers!

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Fall Colours To Brighten Your Day!

Happy Tuesday, everyone. We hope you all had a lovely weekend, doing whatever fun stuff you like to get up to on the weekends, and although the past weekend might seem like it all happened forever ago, there are just a few more days to the NEXT weekend. Funny how that is! And tomorrow is hump day, so when you think about it, the week is nearly over! Sure, let’s go with that!


If you are, like most of us, living and working for the weekend, we’re here to make your Tuesday a little bit brighter – and we mean that literally as well as figuratively!


The brightness comes from the Autumn 2017 makeup trends that we are seeing around the internet and in the fashion magazines, AND in our very own Aveda salons. Intrigued? Well we teased this a bit on Friday when we talked about some of the less sweaty fall trends that we can actually get started on, even in the midst of our current heatwave, and today we’d like to fill you in even more, so you’re good and ready to hit the ground running as soon as possible!


The always informative and on-trend ELLE magazine has a fantastic roundup of looks from fashion week runways, and these run the gamut from the understated to the over-the-top, and everything in between. Colour is key in the majority of these looks, and even the au naturel kinds of makeup styles seem to have at least one or two little pops of colour to keep things interesting. Think gold lids, or a slash of bright orange eyeliner to add to the wow factor!


And then there are the SUPREMELY colourful looks that might not be best for school or work but will ultimately dazzle after hours. Lots of heavy eye makeup in a mixture of “neon-esque” colours, blended or left in stripes for a bold look to end all bold looks. Orange, crimson, gold, copper, and bright white are just a few of the hues we’ll be seeing and potentially experimenting with this autumn!


And adding to all this colour, colour, colour, of course, is Aveda’s makeup line for fall 2017, Birds of Paradise! Again, we teased a wee bit of the line last week, but Aveda Canada’s website now has the big reveal, and the colours are just divine. And, as always, it’s hard to see just how gorgeous these items are just by checking them out online, we always encourage a trip to Willow to see and experience each product, and maybe find your new favourite go-to shade!

So while the weather keeps insisting on being summer, the fall trends are here, and they are here in full force. And it makes sense that we are seeing blasts of colour for autumn; it IS the most colourful of the seasons, after all.

Enjoy browsing through the looks and making some colourful plans, friends. We’ll be back to chat with you again on Friday. Have a great week!

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Are You There, Fall?

Holy cats, summer is back. Well, not officially, of course, but wow has it ever been hot out there! We’ve probably seen hotter temperatures this week than we did in July. Go figure…


There’s really no predicting the weather in this part of the world/country, especially on the cusp of the seasons. If you’re into these hot and hazy days and are happy they’re dragging out the season a wee bit, it appears you’re in luck, we’ve got a few more left, according to the weather forecasters. However, if you’re chomping at the bit for fall so you can wear your new fall clothes and put away the sandals until next year, it looks like you’re going to have to be patient.


In that vein, we were going to talk about the latest and greatest fall fashion trends to get you pumped for the season, but since – and this is a tiny bit of a spoiler – it’s all sweaters and puffer jackets as far as the eye can see, we thought we’d better focus on something a bit less sweat-inducing for now, and save the cold weather gear for another time. Don’t worry, we’ve still got plans to get you set up for the fall and winter seasons! We’ll just do it when it’s NOT 30C in the shade, ok?


Instead, let’s take a trip back to one of our favourite websites, the Living Aveda Blog, and see what’s up in the world of hair and makeup trends for the rest of the year.


From this brief intro to what’s hot for fall, two big trends are captured: skin care as makeup, and bold, bold, bold colours – for hair and face!


The article talks about using masks and facial oils to plump and smooth skin and then applying makeup on that fresh, clean canvas. It’s a bit of a departure from what we usually see in the fall and winter. Typically we ditch our foundations for something lighter in summer and then get back to them once the temperatures drop, but designers this season were pushing for a more fresh-faced look which is, shall we say, kind of refreshing!


Of course, Aveda products are here to save the day, and both the Tulasāra Wedding Masque and Radiant Oleation Oil were used to prep skin for the runway, with flawless results.


Then, once the skin is prepared and highlighted with those two gorgeous products, it’s time for colour and we are SO EXCITED to be introducing Aveda’s newest makeup line Birds of Paradise – arriving soon! No sneak peek for these, unfortunately, but just read what the LA blog has to say:


“A commitment-free way to partake in the Pop Art craze is with Aveda’s new Birds of Paradise makeup collection which offers gorgeous, vibrant hues for eyes that play well with the season’s dewy complexion.” 


We’ve added a photo of a bird of paradise plant, and you can certainly see that it is NOT a flower that gets relegated to the background. It stands out, it stands on its own, and it is a gorgeously bold and colourful thing of beauty. So it would appear we also can get ready for something similar from Aveda this fall. Can’t wait to see what’s in store!


Some interesting talk about hair colour in this post as well, and we are sure to see more of these kinds of colour depths, using two or more shades, and letting the creative juices flow for your colour. Paired with fresh, radiant skin and some bold makeup accents, you are SET for the season, friends.


So whether you take all of this 100% to heart, or you mix and match, dabble and experiment with one or two ideas, you’ve got a head start when fall decides to finally make an appearance.


Have a fantastic weekend, everyone. Chat again with you on Tuesday!


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