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What The World Needs Now

Happy Friday, everyone! We hope your week has been good, and that you’re looking forward to a fun weekend, whenever it might begin for you.


The holiday mode continues, as it does all through December every year, but for now we want to take a look ahead to what the new year might hold. It might be a little premature to be thinking about 2018 since there are still a solid three weeks left in the current year, but something happened yesterday that has our minds racing ahead. Any ideas what it might be?


Ok, it’s a little too early for guessing games, so we’ll just fill you in: yesterday, Pantone announced their colour of the year for 2018! And it is a glorious PURPLE!

Image from the Pantone website

Ultra Violet is the actual name of the shade, and, as always, we can expect to see that colour featured in interior design, showing up in fashion and accessories…anywhere colour is a factor.


So what do you think of this colour for 2018? From their website, Pantone gives us this explanation for their choice:


“A dramatically provocative and thoughtful purple shade, PANTONE 18-3838 Ultra Violet communicates originality, ingenuity, and visionary thinking that points us toward the future.


Complex and contemplative, Ultra Violet suggests the mysteries of the cosmos, the intrigue of what lies ahead, and the discoveries beyond where we are now. The vast and limitless night sky is symbolic of what is possible and continues to inspire the desire to pursue a world beyond our own.”


They go on to explain the colour’s association with the counterculture, as well as with unconventionality, and musical and artistic brilliance – think Prince, Jimi Hendrix, and David Bowie. Purple also has historically been attached to all things spiritual and mystical, and currently has a place in mindfulness practices, lending itself to meditative spaces, and bringing its energy to these areas and the people who gather there.


According to Pantone’s VP: “The Pantone Color of the Year has come to mean so much more than ‘what’s trending’ in the world of design; it’s truly a reflection of what’s needed in our world today.” – Laurie Pressman, Vice President of the Pantone Color Institute.


The amount of careful thought and planning that goes into choosing the colour of the year is quite fascinating, and designers all over wait for this big reveal. Expect to see a LOT of this royal hue throughout 2018. Already, decor sites (ELLE Decor, Domain) and fashion sites (Allure, Fashionista) have jumped on the announcement, and even big news magazines like Time and The New York Times are talking about Ultra Violet.


Love it? Hate it? However we as a whole feel about it, the truth is Ultra Violet WILL be influencing colour choices and options next year. Pantone has that kind of power!

Image from the Pantone website

And with the goings in the world right now, it’s kind of nice to focus on something other than current state of the political and economic situation. Obviously those things are important and we can’t 100% bury our heads in the sand, but it really is nice to focus on something that adds beauty and life to our lives. It’s a lot to expect from a colour, honestly, but it seems to be what the world needs now.


So dig out your purple clothes, consider a fresh new violet hair colour (you KNOW your Willow stylists would love to help with that!) and unearth that bright purple eyeshadow! Thanks to Pantone, we’re all going to be living Ultra Violet for the next 365+ days…better get used to it!


Have a great weekend, friends! We’ll chat again on Tuesday.

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Holiday Countdown: But What About You?

Good morning, and welcome back to the blog and to the week! How was your weekend? Are things starting to get a little bit busy? We know that holiday parties and get-togethers have started happening, and of course, there’s all the shopping, meal planning, school activities – if you have kids, grandkids, nieces, and nephews, etc. – decorating, baking…whew.


Whew is right. There is typically an awful lot to accomplish in the next few weeks, and on top of all that, we are heading straight into cold and flu season, which can REALLY throw a wrench in our plans. You’ve probably heard people say – or maybe you’ve said it yourself – “I’m too busy to be sick! I don’t have time for this!” or some variation on that theme. And it’s true. From November to January, we are nearly constantly in “go go go” mode, and to take a few days to recover from an illness just is NOT in the cards!


But…what if we told you there was a way to (potentially and hopefully) avoid getting sick altogether? Nothing foolproof, of course, we’re not complete miracle workers, but sometimes taking time in advance can work to prevent us from getting so rundown that we are a haven for flu and cold bugs and germs. It’s true. Whatever you want to call it, whether it’s downtime, me time, relaxation, mindfulness, self-care…it all works to help you cope mentally and physically with the crush of the holiday commitments.


It’s easier said than done, trust us, we know that. But today we’d like to offer you a few articles and tips for doing just that. Creating your own calm in the midst of chaos. It might take a little practice, but you’ve definitely got it in you. And, in a lot of ways, we owe it to ourselves – and the people around us – to take time for ourselves occasionally. We can all benefit. 


Be More With Less is a site we’ve featured here before, and this article really speaks to what we’re trying to get across for the holiday season. 30 Simple Ways to Take Care of Yourself Over the Holidays is a nice list of small things we can do that can make a big difference in our lives. Something as simple as taking a short walk – without counting steps or calories burned – just for the pleasure of it, can make a world of difference in a busy season. Of course, you don’t have to do all 30, but choose the ones that speak most to you, and try to incorporate some of the list’s advice when and where you can.


Even just reading that list is somewhat soothing, and knowing the potential for a calmer holiday season kind of gives us a warm glow inside. There are so many things pulling us in so many different directions, and understanding that it’s ok to say no, or to opt out of events in favour of getting a bit more sleep or whatever we need both physically and mentally can be really rewarding.


And, it’s good practice for the coming new year too. January will hit us before we know it and with January comes New Year Resolutions, plans, changes, promises to get organized, to get to the gym, to create “a new you” and…whew. So much whew. Over the course of the next few weeks let’s all try to avoid the whew, shall we? Let’s focus on the ahhhhh…relax, recharge, renew.


We’ve all got it in us to do these things, to take care of our own needs. Let’s give it our best shot.


Enjoy the week, friends and we will be back here on Friday to chat again.


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Video Tutorial Friday: Get Set For The Holidays!

Happy December, friends! It totally IS December 1st, although we know many of you just aren’t ready for it to BE December 1st, but that’s the calendar for you. It just keeps moving on along, whether we’re ready for it or not.


And while we here at the Willow Salon blog can’t do all your holiday preparations for you, we can help in other ways! So far we’ve highlighted some fabulous Aveda gifts and gift ideas, and today we’re going to highlight some glam and relatively easy-to-create holiday hairstyles with the help of popular YouTuber and video blogger Felicia Lee!


Felicia has three really lovely hairstyle tutorials with three very different looks, all using Aveda’s new Texture Tonic! We told you back at the end of September about this amazing product, and it’s so great to see it continue to be featured!


We’ve featured these kinds of video tutorials before, and each vlogger has their own style of course. That’s the beauty of a platform like YouTube – you’re bound to find someone or several someones that you can relate to, and get some great ideas from them. Where would we be without YouTube, honestly?!? Probably wondering how to do glam hair and makeup, that’s where.


So now, let Felicia show you how to use Texture Tonic to create beachy waves, a half-braid bun, and a wavy side braid – just in time for impromptu holiday parties and get-togethers!



It would appear that Texture Tonic really CAN help with everything!

If you like Felicia’s style you can see more of her videos on her YouTube channel Coffee & Cashmere.

As always, thanks for reading! Have a lovely weekend, and we’ll chat again on Tuesday.




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Sustainability Rewarded!

Welcome to Tuesday! We hope you all had a lovely weekend AND that you were able to pop into Willow to take advantage of our Friends & Family Day specials. So many deals, so little time! Well, actually, there was ample time, really – Friday and Saturday – so we hope you were able to score some of the deals that were on offer.


And, just a little reminder that the Cake & Loaf pop-up continues to the end of the month, and there are some AMAZING looking treats tucked away in a little corner of Willow! Candies, decorated cookies, truffles…all the deliciousness you need for gift-giving season, or if you just need a little treat for yourself!


Willow’s holiday spirit continues of course, and there are still lots of great Aveda gift packages in the salon, beautifully wrapped and ready to go. Bring your list, check it twice, and knock a few things off it next time you’re nearby!


We’re going to take a little break from the excitement of the holiday season to bring you some newsy news from Aveda.


Back in early November, the Sustainable Beauty Awards were announced. What are the Sustainable Beauty Awards? The awards press release describes them this way:


“Earlier this week, the winners of the 2017 Sustainable Beauty Awards ( were announced at a dedicated awards ceremony in Paris. Organised by Ecovia Intelligence (formerly known as Organic Monitor), the awards give recognition to organisations pushing the boundaries of sustainability in the beauty industry.”


This is exciting stuff. There were over 100 entries in five different categories – Green Formulations, Sustainable Packaging, Sustainable Ingredient, Sustainability Pioneer, and Sustainability Leadership.


A winner and a runner-up were selected for each award category, and we are extremely proud to say that Aveda was the winner of the Sustainability Leadership Award for 2017!

Aveda’s press release gives a little bit more information as to what it means to Aveda to win this award:


“Barbara De Laere, Global General Manager and SVP of Aveda said, “This award means a lot to all of us at Aveda – it’s an honor to be recognized for our commitment to caring for the world we live in. The Aveda mission has never been more relevant than it is today, and we want to continue to set an example and to push the bar for environmental responsibility. Hopefully others in the beauty industry – and beyond – will join us in living the importance of sustainability in the way we do business.” Aveda integrates sustainability into all areas of its business. Green formulations, sustainable packaging and ingredients, socially conscious customer-supplier partnerships, and clean energy for manufacturing are integrated into the day-to-day operations at Aveda- it’s just how business is done at Aveda. Since its founding nearly 40 years ago, Aveda’s mission has been to change the world by helping to shape the way the beauty industry does business. Aveda’s founder, Horst Rechelbacher, wanted to create hair, skin, and body products that were kind to people and the planet—environmental leadership and responsibility is in Aveda’s DNA.”


That last line, though! “Environmental leadership and responsibility is in Aveda’s DNA.” Amazing and we absolutely love it!


Congratulations, Aveda! Well-deserved indeed.


Have a wonderful week, friends. We’ll chat again on Friday…the first day of December, can you believe it?! Believe it! See you then.


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Happy Friends and Family Day!

Did you notice anything weird in the space/time continuum this week? Anything catch your eye that might have been…well, odd? Something just a little…off?

Ok, well in case you hadn’t noticed, your blogging team was SO excited for today’s Friends & Family event at Willow that we somehow managed to post our blog entry for it a whole day early! So if you’re someone who gets notifications that the blog has been updated, we apologize if we threw you off – letting you think it was Tuesday when it was only Monday.


BUT! Today IS the day at last, and we are super excited to welcome you all to Willow’s Friends & Family Day!


Come enjoy treats from Cake & Loaf and stock up on all your favourite Aveda products. Get organized for the holiday season with gifts galore, and take advantage of 20% off Aveda products.

Is there something you’ve been dying to try? Aveda’s skincare? Our new dry shampoo and conditioner? Now is the time to do it! Or maybe you know someone (other than you!) who is a huge fan of Aveda products – 20% off makes it a little easier to give those gifts that you know will be loved! 

Along the same lines, if you’ve flipped through the holiday issue of Hamilton Magazine – out now – you have probably seen their collection of gift ideas. These gift lists range from books to food to candles and cider…and a whole lot in between! And the best part is that they all have a local slant – so you’re giving gifts that benefit the #HamOnt community!

And take a look towards the back of the magazine for a familiar face…or at least a familiar name! Yes! Willow is featured in a full-page ad, letting everyone know we are THE place for hair. Happy holidays indeed.

So please do join us today for our Friends & Family event so we can thank you for your support all year long. Whether you’re a brand-new-to-Willow client, you’ve been with us from the beginning, or are somewhere in the middle we are so grateful that you’ve chosen Willow and the Willow team.

Enjoy the day, enjoy the weekend, and pop by to say hello if you can! See you back here on Tuesday – for real this time!




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BIG NEWS: The Holidays are Happening at Willow!

Good morning! Back on Friday, we promised you a special announcement, and we are about to deliver on that promise!


This coming Friday, November 24th is Friends and Family Day at Willow Salon!




So. What does this mean? Well, for starters, we will have 20% off all – ALL – Aveda product (with the exception of gift packages) which is amazing! Is there something you’ve been dying to try? Why not treat yourself, because it’s on sale! Now would also be a good time to stock up on your favourites, since this is truly a once-a-year kind of event.


Considering a Willow gift card for someone special this holiday season? A $100 gift card gets you a free blow dry, so you can treat someone AND yourself at the same time.


Our food drive for Welcome Inn Community Centre continues all season, and each non-perishable item you donate gets you an entry into our draw for a $250 Aveda gift basket.


And, as if that all wasn’t enough, we will be having a Cake & Loaf POP UP in the salon! If you’re not familiar with Cake & Loaf bakery, allow us to introduce you via their delicious-looking website, then come to Willow on Friday and meet their ridiculously good food in person!


We are so excited to share all this goodness with you, our loyal friends who are just like family. Please do visit us if you can to take advantage of all the bargains, the treats, and the good cheer, and allowing us to thank you for being part of our Willow family for another year.


See you – in person, hopefully – Friday, and see you back here on the blog then as well. Have a great week, everyone!


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Light Up Your Life

It’s Friday again, and honestly, where do the weeks go?!? November is one of those months that can feel endless – what with the changing of the clocks and it getting darker earlier in the day and all. November is also known for cold rain and winds, and overall gloom, although this November has been anything but that. Even looking toward this coming weekend, temperatures are going to return to the double digits. It can be tough to get into that holiday frame of mind when we’re still breezing along like feeling like it’s early fall.


Well, in order to snap you out of that fantasy, just know that two weeks from today is December 1st. For real. And so now we might just need to force that holiday frame of mind, no matter what, right? Yikes!


An easy way to get into the spirit is of course through decorating. Whether you go full-on Griswold with a massive display of outdoor lights, electric light-up reindeer, and inflatable Snoopy and Santa, or you’re a bit more understated with a few lights here and there, one super easy way to start the season off right is through candles.


Some people burn candles year round, of course, but a lot of us might remember a time when candles were specific to the holiday season. They may not have even been scented, to be honest, but the candles definitely would make an appearance at the start of December.  


Candles of our youth were likely of the paraffin variety. They would drip, burn, and smoke, and so sometimes they were literally just decorative. Don’t light those candles, just enjoy looking at them! Today, of course, we have better choices.


Aveda has, for the holiday season, their limited edition candrimā soy wax candle, which is absolutely gorgeous and designed to be burned! Soy wax burns more evenly, and burns clean – without all that smoke – and the scent of ginger and ginger lily is not to be missed.

Aveda has other candles to give and receive in order to beautify your home for the holidays – or year round – including a soy wax candle with the shampure aroma. This candle burns and releases the calming aroma of shampure – and who doesn’t need a little calming during this about-to-be busiest time of the year?!


So consider Aveda for not only holiday gifts but also holiday decorating! Visit Willow to experience candrimā or shampure in candle form, and let the celebrating begin.


Have a great weekend, everyone. We’re back Tuesday as usual, with a special announcement…stay tuned!


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A Show of Hands: Hand Relief for the Holidays…and Beyond!

Good morning, and a happy Tuesday to all – almost smack dab in the middle of November as of today aren’t we? Hands up, who feels November is flying by? Hmmmm, ok, and keep those hands up, who also feels there are just not enough days and weeks left between now and those big looming holidays? Aha, we thought so.


And, you know, since there are probably more than a few hands raised, let’s take a look at those hands. How are they looking? And feeling? Now that the temperature has dropped have you noticed any changes? After washing your hands, doing the dishes, applying hand sanitizer to keep the approaching wintery germs at bay…is there dryness there now that wasn’t apparent mid-summer? Not surprising! It won’t be long before much of our skin is feeling dry, tight, and even itchy or blotchy. Thanks, winter! 


Our hands likely feel it first, since they are the part of us most exposed to the elements – second only perhaps to our faces. Ah, but our faces tend to get the TLC that our hands may not. We typically moisturize our faces, use sunscreen to keep the sun’s rays away, and we might even amp up our cleansing and moisturizing routine this time of year. Again, hands up if you’ve got a summer cleanser/moisturizer combo AND a winter one? So our faces? Likely pretty well taken care of.


Our hardworking hands could really use the same kind of TLC, and with perfect timing, Aveda has introduced a gorgeous Hand Relief gift set for the holidays!


If you’re familiar with Hand Relief, you probably know what a great hand cream this is. One application can last through three separate hand washes – which is amazing this time of year. Proper and frequent handwashing is our best defense against winter illnesses like flu, and knowing that you can wash and wash and wash your hands as needed and they’ll stay moisturized is a real bonus.


For the holidays, not only does this set come in a lovely wrapping – remember last week when we talked about the handcrafted paper from women in Nepal – but Aveda has also introduced Hand Relief in three new aromas for the season. Experience Hand Relief in comforting candrimā™, calming shampure™ and uplifting beautifying aromas.

If your hands could really use some extra help, consider Aveda’s Hand Relief Night Renewal Serum. Much like a serum you might use as part of your nightly skincare routine, this serum is applied and left on overnight for deep penetrating moisturizing effect. It also works to reduce those pesky spots and to even out skin tone, which just might be the greatest gift of all.


No need to hide those hands anymore! Raise them high for whatever you want, and keep them soft and smooth this winter with Aveda’s Hand Relief.


Have a great week, friends. We’ll see you back here on Friday!

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Launching Full Swing Into The Holidays: Snowy Friday Edition

Good morning, and happy Friday! We hope you’ve had a good week so far, and if today is the start of your weekend, well welcome to it!


We are about to step up our holiday content here on the Willow Salon blog, because, as someone pointed out just yesterday, there are only 44 days left ‘til Christmas and 32 days ‘til the first night of Hanukkah. Kwanzaa is a mere 45 days from its start, and there are probably a few other holidays in the next month or two that we’ve missed as well. So. Not an awfully long time until those festive celebrations are upon us! And now that the temperatures have virtually plummeted and there is snow – actual snow – on the ground, it does make holiday planning a little more real, doesn’t it?


If your December holiday festivities include gift-giving – and gift-receiving – you might be thinking not just about the gift ideas themselves, but also the way they are packaged or wrapped. A beautifully wrapped gift can show thoughtfulness and care, and can be almost as exciting as the gift itself! And, when you purchase your gift from Aveda, they come already wrapped in handmade paper from Nepal, which takes thoughtfulness and care to a whole other level.


If you’re not yet familiar with the story of Aveda’s move to using hand-crafted paper for gift wrap and packaging, we encourage you to watch the video below:


Beautiful, sustainable, and empowering. That is a lot to expect from some paper to wrap your gifts, but with Aveda, it’s happening. And it’s been happening for ten years.

You can read more about what this paper does for the people who create it and how it helps the surrounding landscape on the Aveda Canada website page 10 Years of Changing Lives in Nepal. Then, take a look at the limited-edition gifts that are at Willow this holiday season, and plan your shopping!


We’ll have a bit more to say about Willow + Aveda + shopping in the next week or so, but for now, we hope you have a fabulous weekend, whatever you have planned! And, if it includes shopping for beautiful gifts, we look forward to seeing you at Willow!

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Tuesday Talking Points: A Reminder

Good morning and welcome to Tuesday! We hope everyone had a great weekend, that you used that extra hour wisely, and are now ready to launch right into the second full week of November.


If you’ve been to Willow in the past few days, you probably saw the place looking extremely festive! All our holiday packages and products are in and on display, and Gray’s Florist has done (as usual) an amazing job decorating the salon for the season. As we mentioned in a previous post, the holiday season seems to come on fast once Halloween is over! And this is always Willow’s absolute busiest season of all, so we are ensuring we are well prepared to serve our clients once the holiday party and festivities kick into high gear.


Having said that, today we do want to spend a bit of time chatting about our salon policies, specifically our policy of keeping a credit card on file for missed or abruptly canceled appointments. You likely know that Willow, like most salons and other service businesses, requires 24 hours notice if you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment. This is pretty standard practice – everyone from your dentist to your aesthetician – appreciates advance notice so gaps in the schedule can be filled.


Further to that, now in order to hold an open appointment, we are asking for a credit card from all our clients – whether it’s your first visit to Willow, or you’ve been with us since the beginning – to keep on file. This is strictly in the event that an appointment is missed, the salon won’t suffer a loss. It’s a policy that a lot of salons and other independent businesses like ours are moving to. No-shows and day-of cancellations can really hurt a small salon like Willow. We just don’t have the walk-in traffic that some larger salons might have that can help to pick up some of that slack. For us, a no-show really does mean a no-show, and the reality is that the salon and your stylists take a hit financially.


Of course, we all have super busy schedules, and sometimes it’s hard to keep track of absolutely everything, which is why Willow also has the policy of calling clients the day before their scheduled appointment. It’s a nice little memory jog, and if it happens that you actually can’t make that day and time after all, we can reschedule you right there and then, and contact someone on our cancellation list who can hopefully fill that gap. Easy peasy! It’s all part of ensuring Willow remains as productive and busy as possible, in order to best serve our clients.


As always, thanks for reading! Have a wonderful week, and we will be back here on Friday.


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