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Summer Skin Redux: Bringing Back Some Old Favourites!

Good morning, and welcome to the Tuesday edition of the blog!

We are still dealing with heat, heat, HEAT as the month ticks by, and sometimes that’s just awesome, and other times, well, it’s kind of less than awesome. At the beach? Awesome. Stuck in traffic with no air conditioning? Less than awesome. You get the gist.

We do hope you are managing to keep your cool – both physically and mentally – and today we’re revisiting some of our best bets when it comes to doing just that.

From a couple of years ago – and keep in mind this post was brought to you in MAY, when we had a really unseasonable heat wave – we first want to revisit this post that got a lot of traction and seemed to be the answer to a lot of our summer makeup questions. As in, how on earth do we stay looking fresh when it feels exactly like the surface of the sun?!? You know, not to be all dramatic or anything…but there are some good tips in this post, and it’s always great to have a refresher for coping with the heat.

We also want to throw it back to last August and this post about Aveda’s new – at the time – Tulasāra™renew morning creme. Packed with hydrating and nourishing ingredients, this is another great product that can be a great help to your skin during this dehydrating weather.

And, speaking of hydration, we all know it’s important, but are we doing enough to combat the effects on our skin and the rest of our body? It’s always a good time to revisit this post on not only the importance of staying hydrated – and rehydrating after any exercise or exertion in the heat – but ways to manage your hydration and to ensure you are doing as much as you can to stay healthy.

With these posts in mind, we hope your week is about to get better! Remember liquids on a regular basis, remember sunscreen, and remember – and pass along! – some of these tips for living with the heat all summer.

And, if you have any other tips or ideas you’d like to share, get in touch! Leave a comment here on the blog, or contact us via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. We’d definitely be more than happy to pass along your best bets for beating the heat.

Have a great week, friends. Check in on the people you love, and check in with yourself, too. We’ll see you back here on Friday.


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And the Award Goes To…

Good morning and Happy Friday, everyone!


You might not be aware that there is an annual event in the hairstyling world that celebrates all things hairstyling. It’s sometimes known as “the Oscars of hair,” and it was held recently in Las Vegas – the perfect place for everything glam and glitzy!


The event’s official name is the North American Hairstyling Awards, and it is quite an extravaganza.


Categories for these prestigious awards include Stylist of the Year, Avant Garde, Haircutting, Styling & Finishing, and so many more. There are even categories for nail professionals and makeup artists, so it’s truly an all-inclusive experience for the beauty industry. You can read about the awards and the winners here on the Professional Beauty Association website.


And what about Aveda’s role in this? Glad you asked!


In true Aveda fashion, some of the most innovative looks came from Aveda stylists, and this year’s theme was flowers – as in pure plant and flower essences – which these creative people turned into hairstyles. Flowers from hair? Absolutely!


Find out all about the inspiration for these fantastically iconic looks on the Living Aveda blog. It remains to be seen whether or not this trend will translate to street and everyday style, but couldn’t we all use a lot more flowers in our lives? Something so fun and sunshiney about wearing flowers in your hair – or turning your hair into flowers! You can’t help but smile as wide as these gorgeous models at the NAHA!

A beautiful garden of flowers by Aveda at NAHA.
Photo from

Enjoy the weekend, friends. Take care of yourself and others, wear flowers in your hair, and take time to stop and smell the roses…or any flowers, really. We’ll see you back here on Tuesday.


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Hair Loss and Aveda’s Invati Advanced

Happy Tuesday, everyone! It’s a short week that will hopefully live up to its name, but have you ever noticed that it’s often the short weeks that seem the longest? Hmmm…wonder why that is? But never mind, we’ve made it to Tuesday by default, and tomorrow is Wednesday, and then the week is nearly over, right? You can do it!


We hope you had a wonderful long weekend, and while we are at the end of the first full week of August, and before the entire month just flies by (as the summer months are wont to do) we wanted to take a few minutes to let you know that August is Hair Loss Awareness Month.


There are many, many varied reasons that we humans might lose our hair, and unfortunately, hair loss is something that a lot of us avoid talking about. Hair is often such a part of who we are and how we express ourselves, and to experience hair loss – whether permanently or temporarily – can be a devastating blow to our self-image, our quality of life and self-esteem.


For uncomplicated hair loss, Aveda’s Invati Advanced may be the solution you’re looking for. From the Aveda Canada website:

you’re concerned about thinning hair—or you’re experiencing hair loss due to breakage from scalp-pulling styles (such as tight braids, ponytails, or extensions), aging or post-pregnancy.”


The first step in the Invati treatment is the hair and scalp exfoliator. Just like the skin anywhere else on your body, your scalp too can benefit from exfoliation! The exfoliating shampoo cleanses and helps slough off the dead cells and makes way for new growth. Follow that with step number 2 – the thickening conditioner, and finally use the scalp revitalizer to help reduce hair loss and maintain the hair you have.


If you suspect your hair loss is from something else, a health or other condition, we do encourage you to visit your doctor to rule out a more serious issue, but if you are just noticing thinning hair or a little extra hair in your hairbrush, the Invati Advanced system might be of benefit to you.


So please do think about hair loss during this National Hair Loss Awareness Month, and talk about it when you can. It does sometimes feel like there is an awareness month for everything, but honestly, that’s a good thing. When a condition or situation remains in the dark due to lack of awareness, that means the people who have to experience it or live with it in their daily lives lack the support to come to friends and family and talk about it. We all benefit when information is out in the open and available, and starting a conversation might just be the thing to help a friend or colleague take the necessary steps to find help and healing.


For more information about hair and hair- and scalp-related issues, the Canadian Dermatology Association has a very informative website, and the National Library of Medicine’s MedlinePlus also has links to great resources on the different kinds of hair loss too.

Wishing you a short short week, friends. Take good care of yourselves, and we’ll chat again on Friday.

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Summer Fashion Burnout? Help is Here!

It’s Friday and the long weekend is upon us! July is history, friends, it’s time for August, that late summer siren known for her long hot days and warm and sultry nights. As usual in the Hamilton area, there is a lot going on this weekend, and the biggest event of the weekend is probably Festival of Friends, being held in Gage Park. This festival is one of the older ones in the city, dating back to 1976! And while it left the city for a few years, it’s now back – some would say where it belongs – and it’s happening all long weekend long. So grab your sunhat and your lawnchair and get ready to enjoy!


If the late summer wardrobe blues have hit you, well today we’re here to help with a little inspiration.


It’s that point in the summer where we start to feel a little underwhelmed with our summer fashion choices. It’s been hot – like, extra hot – for so long, and we may not have the clothing resources or reserves to handle this ultra long summer season. In fall and winter – and even in spring – we tend to be able to make do a little longer. In the fall you can take a sundress and through a sweater over top; make a light tunic work with tights and boots or layer up with scarves and jackets. But in the high humidity of summer, none of these things will work AT ALL, and so we are left with fewer choices. At least we were left with fewer choices, but thanks to some of our favourite fashion sites, we’re able to find a little more inspiration for August and add some late-summer pizzazz to our looks.


PopSugar has 50 Summer Outfits for us, and their inspiration comes from street style. If you’re the type of person who likes to check out what others are wearing, whether it’s at a festival or a patio or just walking around the park, this is a great list. Lots of different looks, and many different ways to wear them, this list of 50 might be just what you need to jumpstart your summer vibe.


We get a little assistance from The Telegraph too, with Feeling stuck for summer dressing inspiration? It’s almost like they read our minds! And Harper’s Bazaar also has help in the form of Summer Dresses to Invest In For 2018. Some of these ideas are looking to the upcoming Fall season for inspiration, but shhhhhhhh, we’re not quite ready for that just yet…


As always, these links and articles are just there merely for inspiration, to spark ideas, and to help you make it through the last few weeks so you don’t have to burn that maxi dress you’ve been wearing all summer just yet! The great thing about fashion is that honestly, anything goes, and the most important fashion secret (to us, anyway) is to feel comfortable in what you’re wearing. If you love it, it’s comfortable, and it makes you feel good, THAT is what we are talking about, friends.


Enjoy the long weekend, and we will see you back here on Tuesday!


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Pink Is In Thanks to #AvedaCherryGloss!

Good morning, friends! Happy Tuesday!


Are you working and living for the weekend? Friday marks the beginning of the Civic Holiday long weekend, and honestly, it couldn’t come at a better time. Long weekends are always a great idea, and summer long weekends just seem all that much better. The days are long as it is, and the nights are usually warm and full of things to do, so you really do get more bang for your buck, as they say. We hope you have some great things planned to take advantage of one of the last long weekends of the summer…not that we want to think about that just yet! 

The prettiest pink inspiration.


To capture these last few weeks of summer, we want to draw your attention back to Aveda’s newest classic products, the sweet-smelling and wonderful Cherry Almond softening shampoo and conditioner.


If you’re a regular reader of this blog and a regular visitor to Willow, you likely already know about these glorious additions to Aveda’s already stellar lineup of hair products, but you might not know that this pair has sparked a trend across the globe that is absolutely lovely.


Introducing #avedacherrygloss, the newest and prettiest hair colour trend, all thanks to Cherry Almond!

Think pink like this little one with #avedacherrygloss!

Of course, the products will not turn your hair pink, but the aroma and packaging combine to make you think pink, for sure! It’s a fresh, candy-sweet and inviting aroma that conjures up summer treats like popsicles and cotton candy, roadside fruit stands, and other happy summer memories and fun, and what’s more fun than pink hair?


Find dozens of examples by following the hashtag #avedacherrygloss on Instagram, and be sure to follow Ian Michael Black, Global Artistic Director Aveda Hair Color for some stunning pink/cherry looks! Everything from the barest hint of blush, to full-on deep cherry, these colours encapsulate summer like no other!


If you’re looking for a late summer pick-me-up, pink hair, inspired by Cherry Almond might just be your thing! If not, it doesn’t hurt to take a look through the creations and dream a little bit…because hey, you never know!


It remains to be seen if the #avedacherrygloss trend will continue through the fall, or if the dynamic duo of Cherry Almond will inspire any other trends, but if it does, we will be sure to bring the details to you via this blog!


Wishing you all a wonderful summery week! Whether you’re sporting pink hair or not, go be you, friends. Because you’re awesome.


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Exciting Earth Month News From Aveda

Good morning, and get down with your Friday happy dance, the weekend is almost here! We are celebrating today, here on the Willow blog – and not just because it’s Friday. We have some exciting news to share that is just too good to keep to ourselves, and we wanted you to be the first to know!


You probably know by now that Willow and Aveda are big supporters of Earth Month, which happens every April. Aveda has dozens of earth-friendly and water-friendly initiatives that we try to highlight during Earth Month, and that you can read about any old time you want here on the Collega Earth Month website. The themes and featured projects may change from year to year, but the bottom line is that we are all helping with protecting the environment with a call to action for clean water for everyone, raising up people – women specifically – and ensuring a bright and healthy future for the amazing planet we are so privileged to call home.




Thanks to Aveda’s commitment to the environment, the company has, with the help of its salons around the world, raised over 60 million dollars since 1999 for environmental causes. That is a lot of money, and, if you do the math, that is about 3 million dollars a year (give or take) each year for 19 years.


Willow is extremely proud to be part of this amazing commitment to the environment through Aveda, and how wonderful is it to see the results of nearly 20 years of dedication to a cause? Pretty darned wonderful, honestly!


You can read all about this momentous occasion here, and the article includes a shout-out to Aveda Canada for the CREATIF Earth Month Event and one particularly innovative artist. Canada, represent!

Awesome innovation, and all for a good cause! Photo from

We are so grateful to Aveda for their commitment to the environment and we are also grateful to you, our clients and friends who support initiatives like our Walk for Water and the raffles and Earth Month events we have at the salon. It has never been truer that a little goes a long way, and Aveda just proved that with their 60 million dollar milestone.


So big congratulations to Aveda and thanks once more to all of you! It’s a little over nine months until the next Earth Month, but it’s never too early to start planning, right? There are always more goals to be set and records to be broken.


Thanks for reading, everyone! Have a wonderful weekend and we will see you back here on Tuesday morning.  


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Take a Trip With Aveda!

Good morning and happy Tuesday! If you are – like we are – simply working for the weekend at this point in the work week, well we feel you. Ah, if only we had the freedom of that massive expanse of summertime like we once did. If you can remember those days, and long for them, we get it. Summer should be an endless weekend, but somebody has to pay those bills, right? Right.


And, if it seems like everyone but you is jetting off somewhere amazing this month, or is making plans for taking off to someplace amazing, well we’re feeling that too, friends. Are you longing for a long weekend? A trip someplace out of the city and to someplace you’ve never been? Or maybe you’re longing to head back to a place you love? Well, while we can’t actually send you on an all-expenses-paid trip of a lifetime, we can introduce you to Aveda International, and give you the gift of a new locale…courtesy of YouTube.


Intrigued? Hopefully!

Vacation dreaming

If you’re wanting a different worldview or a way of shaking things up without leaving the house, check out some of our Aveda YouTube channels from other countries! We’re used to Aveda Canada (obviously our fave) and Aveda US (because we share a border) but did you know that Aveda is all over the world? You probably did, but because of this, you can also get hair care and style tips from all over the world via YouTube. Today we want to highlight three for you: Aveda Italia, Aveda Thailand, and Aveda Korea.


Now if you’re a YouTube beauty junkie, you might already be familiar with some International YouTube celebrities, but having the Aveda twist is great because the YouTubers are using products you know you can get at Willow, and you already know they’re fantastic.


Some of the videos are similar to what we see on our Aveda channel here in North America, and the only differences are the subtitles in another language, or occasionally the videos are dubbed in the language of that country, and the subtitles are in English. But then you’ll also get local YouTube celebrities testing out Aveda products and sharing their expertise in a step-by-step video and even if you don’t understand the language they are speaking, hair is pretty universal after all, and after a few seconds you start to get the idea of what the models are saying, what they are trying to convey about the product or the style they are going for. It’s actually pretty awesome and it completely expands our collection of videos for style and care tips!


So for those of us sticking around town this summer, let’s take a small trip and get some tips from Aveda around the world! It’s not exactly the same as being there of course, but it’s our little gift to you to shake up your routine at least a tiny bit! And who knows, while you’re clicking around the different videos from Italy, Thailand, and Korea, you might go down that YouTube rabbit hole and learn more about those countries, and file your knowledge away for another time when a vacation abroad is more doable. Hey, anything can happen!


Have a great week, everyone! See you back here Friday.

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Think Aveda: Products And Tips for Summer Fun!

Good morning, and welcome to another sunny Friday!


Not to jinx anything, but we’ve been pretty lucky so far with this summer’s weather – especially on weekends. It does look like we’re setting up for some thunderstorms this weekend, but that’s the way it goes when the temperatures rise, there is almost always that possibility.


So, let’s hope the storms – if they do arrive – are short and sweet, so we can get back to sunny skies and all our summer plans.


Today we’re featuring a nice little roundup from Living Aveda highlighting all the Aveda products you need for nearly every possible summer adventure! Their article 13 Must-Have Hair Products For All Your Summer Fun is a breezy look at some typical summer happenings, and what you’ll need for your hair…and more!


Think music festivals, weddings, road trips, and family reunions.

We’ve talked about this before, but it’s worth repeating, that less is most definitely more when it comes to your hair in the summertime. Air-drying is almost always a given, especially if you’re planning something casual like heading to an outdoor festival. (Festival of Friends and Cactus Festival are just around the corner!) Why spend time with your hair dryer when the heat of the summer air can give you just what you need – for free! So plan on products that will work with your hair’s natural abilities for best results: Texture Tonic, Be Curly, Damage Remedy…the list goes on. It’s no fun forcing your hair to do something it doesn’t want to do in this heat, so go with the flow and opt for low maintenance when possible.


For weddings, you’re likely going to want a more polished look, of course, and that’s where Air Control comes in, to keep your hair looking fresh and where it should be! If the weather is as humid as it’s been these past few weeks, you’ll want to start with products that fight humidity, and leave hair fly-away- and frizz-free, so plan on products from the Smooth Infusion line for straight hair, and the Be Curly line for those with curls. Both will help protect hair from heat and humidity – the double threat of summer!


For beach days, you’re obviously going to pack your sunscreen, right? RIGHT? And, don’t forget about sun protection for your hair, too. Sun Care Protective Hair Veil will help you minimize sun damage for your lovely locks. It also helps prevent colour fading, so think of it as your best defense! A large hat also works well, but we understand if you’d rather not cover up your hair. Just make sure to give it some sun protection love too.

We had to laugh at the final summer adventure recommendation, and that is the Stress-Fix line for…wait for it…family reunions! Ah, family. Gotta love them, but yes, things can get a bit on the stressful side, can’t they? Stress-Fix Concentrate to the rescue!


There’s more to read about in the Living Aveda article, so do check it out for other tips for all your summertime plans, and soak up the fun, friends!


Enjoy the weekend, whatever you have planned, and let’s not let a little thunderstorm or two stop us from having a good time. It’s all about, as they say, learning to dance in the rain!


Chat with you again Tuesday, friends, and thanks for reading!


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Sunscreen? You Have More Options Than Ever!

Good morning, friends, and happy Tuesday once again!


You know, it’s hard to believe that we are more than halfway through July and we have yet to talk seriously about sunscreen.


Most of us here in Canada – or at least this part of Canada – have a love/hate relationship with sun protection. We might love what it can do to protect us from damaging UV and UVB rays, but hate having to apply it, reapply it, and apply it some more.


We might hate the way some sunscreens can feel on our skin, but love the fact that with sunscreen properly applied, we don’t have to cover up as completely when the days are hot and muggy.


See? Love and hate, all rolled into one big summer problem.


The thing is, sunscreen is something that we should all be using year-round, but we here in the Northern part of the hemisphere tend to only view it as a summer kind of situational necessity. And fair enough, right? We do spend a good portion of our lives covered up, it’s really just in the summertime that we strip off those extra layers and expose our skin to the sun, so for a lot of us, summer = sun protection/sunscreen. Love it or hate it.

If you’re still thinking of sunscreen as a thick, white, goopy mess that you are required to slather all over yourself, giving your skin a ghostly, supernatural look, well we have some very good news for you: it doesn’t have to be like that anymore.


Sure there are still tubs, tubes, and bottles of lotion that you can use, but have a look at some of the more innovative and convenient ways to protect your skin.


Refinery29 has a nice little roundup of moisturizers and serums with SPF, and who doesn’t love a double-duty product?


Or maybe you’re looking for something even more unique? Take a look at the Eminence Organics line of sun care products – everything from moisturizers and tinted moisturizers, to lip balms and even…wait for it…translucent face powders! That’s right, a loose powder with SPF, how amazing is that? And even better, our pals at Skin Savvy next door carry this line, so now you even know where to find it!


Companies like La Fresh produce a wide range of towelettes (or wipes) including sunblock wipes which might be one of the most practical ideas ever!


You can also, of course, get your sunscreen in a spray, a lighter lotion, or a stick too, and there is a pretty good chance that in the next few years there will be even more super cool sunscreen ideas for us to peruse and use, and THEN there will really be no excuse to not protect ourselves from harmful rays.


Finally, when you are making your sunscreen choices, it’s not always easy to figure out which one is best, so fortunately the good people at the Canadian Dermatology Association have a list of recommended products. It’s a good go-to if you’re unsure, and the really great thing is this list includes name brands but also some store brands, so we have choices not only in which sunscreen to consider, but how much we want to pay as well.


So let summer roll on and on and on….we’re covered…literally!


Have a great week, friends! Chat with you again on Friday.

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A Friday And A Farewell

Good morning! It’s Friday, but it’s a kind of bittersweet Friday for Team Willow Salon today. We are stoked that it’s Friday, it’s Art Crawl night in the city (always a fun time, especially when the weather is perfect like it’s going to be today) and it’s nearly the weekend! These are all things to look forward to, and this is the sweet-sweet part. The bittersweet part is that today we say farewell to Jade.


We first met Jade on the blog just a few months after she joined the team, and we introduced her here, in one of our Friday Five posts. Since that time – nearly two years ago! – Jade has proven time and time again that she is an integral and invaluable part of the Willow team.


Jade and her family are moving out of the city and heading to the Muskoka area, so it’s about to be cottage country year-round for them! And while we are really excited for this next chapter in her life, we are definitely going to miss her.


Jade has a wonderful ability to make things happen behind the scenes and has been known for her quiet wisdom, her skill in making people feel at ease, her positive attitude and great sense of humour. And we know she will bring this unique level of quiet intensity and drive to whatever she puts her mind to. We will miss your presence at the salon, Jade, but we are excited to see what comes next for you. Wherever you end up, you’ll be you, and Muskoka is very, very lucky to have you.

So, to be clear, we’re not saying goodbye to Jade, not at all. At most, it’s a fond farewell, a see-you-soon, a catch-you-later, as we wish her and her family all happiness and joy on their newest adventure. We predict a few Team Willow Muskoka visits – it’s not that far after all! – and staying in touch, too.


Cheers to you, Jade! Thank you for everything you’ve brought to Willow in your time here, and we will most definitely see you soon.


Have a wonderful weekend, everyone. And, to quote Jade, “Go be lovely.”


See you back here Tuesday!


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