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Aveda + New York Fashion Week = The Best Looks!

Well, good morning! It’s an ultra rainy day here in the Hamilton area, but we have the perfect ray of sunshine for you to start the week!


Last week was New York Fashion Week, and even though it was Fall 2018 fashion being featured, NYFW always gives us a bit of a rush because that tells us that spring is not too far away.


Aveda was there, and the Living Aveda blog has a great article featuring their faves from the week. Check out Aveda X NYFW: The Best Looks From Fashion Week for the highlights!


We love when Aveda goes to fashion week – any fashion week, honestly! – because where others focus mainly on the clothes and the collections, Aveda is there giving us the latest and best of the best for hair and makeup. And, let’s be honest: few of us can afford/pull off the haute couture that is making its debut during fashion week, but most of us can take a few tips and recreate a fab hairstyle, eyelid, or lip, right? Absolutely!


Now, as we’ve discussed before with fashion week and all those amazing designers, it’s all about checking on the trends, and seeing what’s going to be available and “in” for us for the coming season, and you don’t need couture to be on-trend, you just need to know what’s what. And that’s where we try to help! But for now, let’s talk hair and makeup, and we’ll get to the other at another time!


Aveda gives us their top four from NYFW: PRISCAvera, A Detacher, Tibi, and YAJUN, and their fave looks from each designer, including a wild red eye, done not with eyeshadow but with a blend of a couple of shades of the new feed my lips lipsticks from Aveda. Innovative for sure, and the results are fantastic.


Other Aveda products that were featured during NYFW were Air Control and Control Force hairspray, texture tonic, brilliant spray-on shine, thickening tonic, and finally renewing lip treatment.


It’s always so amazing to see Aveda products featured during the biggest shows in fashion week, and it makes us at Willow proud to be part of the Aveda family!


If you’re interested in checking out the best of the best fashions from NYFW, Vogue has you covered with their roundup of the Top Ten Collections of Fall 2018 New York Fashion Week.


Enjoy the week, everyone – it’s a nice short one at least – and we’ll see you back here Friday for more bloggy goodness!


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Love Your Lips!

Are you just as shocked as we are that we are more than halfway through February? Didn’t January seem endless? Like it might as well have been 18 weeks long? And now there is just one full week left in February, plus a few more days and then…March. We can do it, friends! We can make it through this seemingly endless winter and there will be spring at the end of this cold, grey tunnel!


In order to help us make it through, Aveda has introduced some absolutely gorgeous new lipsticks, that will not only soothe our colour-starved souls, but they will also soothe our poor dry and parched lips!


We all know winter is the worst for lips, and honestly, if we don’t start exfoliating and deeply treating them in the late summer early fall, by winter, well there’s little hope. We’re just fated to have dry, possibly cracked lips until the moisture comes back into the air in the form of spring. Summer sun and wind can also be drying for our lips, but nothing says “I’m living through winter in Canada” quite like a constant application of lip balm that may or may not be doing us any good!


Now, Aveda has given us feed my lipsto help our lips make it through the rest of the winter, and look fabulous at the same time!

Here’s what has to say about this lip-saving new lipstick:


Key Claims and Benefits:

-A balanced blend of botanical waxes help deliver long-wearing benefits for color that lasts all day. Stays true for 8 hours and does not feather.

-Certified organic cupuaçu fruit butter helps nourish and moisturize for beautifully soft lips

-A blend of botanical oils, including certified organic kukui, jojoba and sunflower help smooth lips

-95% naturally derived* formula provides rich color, full of depth and dimension


*From plants, non-petroleum minerals or water.


Stays true for 8 hours? All the while nourishing and moisturizing? Sign us up!


There are nearly two dozen shades, all designed to bring out the best in your skin tone – and your hair!


Yes! The Aveda website also provides a guide to the best of the new feed my lips™ lip colours and how they’ll work with your hair colour, which is absolutely amazing. Find your own colour on the site and see what feed my lips™ colours will best complement your hair.

Of course, as always, this is just a guide, and your colour – for lips and hair – is ultimately your own choice, but if you’re someone who often stands in front of a lipstick display and has a hard time choosing, this guide might just be for you.

We hope our excitement for this new lipstick has brightened your day, especially since it’s awfully grey out there currently. Never underestimate the power of a brand new lipstick to help you change the world! Or, at least make you feel better about heading out into the world on a chilly Friday.


Have a great weekend, everyone! Go do amazing things, we believe in you!


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Pancakes and Valentines: Best Week Ever?

Well, it’s Tuesday again and it’s NOT JUST ANY TUESDAY. It’s PANCAKE Tuesday! Otherwise known as Shrove Tuesday, aka the start of Lent, aka Mardi Gras (literally fat Tuesday) so we have A LOT to celebrate. Are you having pancakes for breakfast? Or maybe for lunch or dinner, or PERHAPS ALL THREE MEALS??! Well enjoy! There’s something kind of luxurious and decadent about eating something typically associated with the weekend in the middle of the week. It’s definitely a mood enhancer, that’s for sure! 


It’s also, of course, the day before Valentine’s Day and if you’re a person who enjoys celebrating this holiday, you may already have your plans set. Which is a good thing, because Valentine’s Day is one of the busiest in the restaurant world because of course all the lovers want to head out for a romantic dinner on the big day!


If you celebrate Valentine’s Day and you haven’t yet made those reservations or plans, well you might have to get a bit more creative last minute, but it’s ok! We have faith in you and your ability to shine under pressure – just like a diamond! You’re welcome.


Or, maybe for you, it’s just another Wednesday. That’s ok too, and actually, you’re who we’d like to talk to in this blog post. If you find yourself alone on V-Day while it seems like everyone you know is out doing the big romance thing, we have a couple of ideas for you.


Of course, there’s always Netflix and a pizza, but you know what? Netflix and pizza will always be there for you, and that’s the beauty of it. And if you’re down to binge-watch a show in your sweats and order food, GO FOR IT. You only live once, as they say.

Want to do something a little different? What about an in-home spa treatment, courtesy of Aveda? The Living Aveda blog has the perfect ingredients to do just that in their recent article At-Home Spa Night. Choose one area to focus on (face, hands, feet) or treat yourself to the entire full-body experience! Some of the products listed in this article might already be living on your shelves or in your bathroom, but if you need anything in particular, there’s still time to get to Willow today and tomorrow so you’re all set for your big evening!


If you decide to do an in-home manicure or pedicure, may we suggest the following article for an excellent selection of nail polish: from PopSugar, their list entitled These Are the 10 Prettiest Rose Gold Nail Polishes in Town is giving us all the feels!


Rose gold, it would seem, is here to stay, and is it any wonder? It’s such a delicate, lovely colour and with seemingly infinite variations, there’s a version to suit every skin tone. So bejewel your fingers and/or toes this Valentine’s Day, and – dare we say it – get a jump on spring with fresh looking rosy nails.


We really do hope you take advantage of the day celebrating love to celebrate yourself.  Most of us spend an awful lot of time focusing on the other people in our lives, whether friends, family, coworkers, or whoever, and less time on ourselves. We think this “me time” or “self-care” or whatever you want to call it is equally as important, if not more important to our own well-being. Because, as RuPaul famously said: “If you can’t love yourself, how the hell are you gonna love somebody else?” Can we get an amen? 

Feel the love, friends. For each other and for yourselves. See you back here on Friday!

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Shovels at the Ready! More Snow, #HamOnt!

Happy Friday, and Happy Special Weather Statement day…again!


We are once again expecting quite the mass of snow here in the #HamOnt area, which is good news for all you winter sports types, but potentially bad news for anyone having to drive anywhere later today.


The snow just keeps piling up, and the citizens of Hamilton and the surrounding areas just keep having to deal with it.


The more snow that piles on us, the faster we seem to want to get rid of it, and by this time of year, a lot of us are SO fed up with shoveling and clearing snow, that we aren’t exactly safe about it. And what do we mean by safe? Well, most of us start the snow shoveling season with proper form and technique. No twisting, taking manageable amounts of snow on our shovels, taking it slow and steady…

Later in winter – aka NOW – we might be really, really tired of this, and we might try to speed things up. Shoveling too much heavy snow, going out there cold and frustrated, and just throwing caution – and safe shoveling technique – to the wind.


Where the first few snowfalls make us feel all warm and fuzzy and “hooray winter!” the mid-February, March, and it must be said even April snowfalls just start to get on our nerves.


So today, we’re providing a few guides to snow shoveling for anyone who might need a little reminder that it’s ok to be cranky while you’re shoveling, but since cranky often leads to “let’s get this over with as fast as possible” we’d rather you attempt your shoveling with a slightly better frame of mind. For your health, of course!


Preparation is Key:


Every year we hear about someone who was hurt or injured – or worse – shoveling snow. The stories are always tragic, and often preventable (but not 100% of course, stuff happens) and in order to make sure you’re going to be ok to hit the driveway with your shovel, try a few warm-up exercises to get the blood flowing, to get the joints and muscles loosened up. This video from offers a few exercises that can help you prepare. Snow shoveling is hard work, and it’s worth taking a few moments to warm up your body before heading out. The video also looks at shoveling technique, which is also really important. There’s no Olympic judge looking at your form and technique, and docking you points for flaws, but there is your back to think of, so technique is really key.


The Spruce also has a nice little guide with tips including dressing in layers – crucial so you don’t overheat – and the importance of taking breaks while shoveling. Music to our ears! Again, it’s that whole “get’er done” attitude that can really hurt us. Take the proper amount of time to do the job and it’s much, much safer.


Bliss Out:


You might not think of shoveling snow as the time for meditation, but why not? This guide from The New York Times talks about using shoveling time as mindful time, and it’s honestly a great idea. You’ve got that time, that solitary time that many of us crave, so put it to good use! If you have chatty neighbours or passers-by that you might want to block out, consider headphones with a guided meditation or calming music loaded on your phone or iPod to help you focus. There’s a good chance the time will melt away…much like the snow…and, you’ll be finished before you know it. Like with any kind of meditation, the goal is to not focus too much on the problems at hand (in this case all that snow) but to help the mind to be quieter and more at peace, and what could be more peaceful than a thick layer of snow?


Recover and Reward:


Snow shoveling is hard work, and once you’re done, as with any exercise, you are going to want to recover and recharge. If there’s time, a nice hot shower would be perfect to warm you up after all that time in the cold and to soothe those aching muscles. A warm beverage of your choice might also suffice if there’s no time for a shower. It’s always best, if possible, to get out of your shoveling clothes and into something fresh and dry. No matter how hard you try to keep your cuffs dry, there’s a good chance some snow will sneak its way onto you, and the resulting damp, snowy pants can be annoying and uncomfortable for the rest of the day.


Finally, there’s nothing wrong with a little bribery! If you decide to promise yourself you’ll order in dinner after spending hours shoveling, so be it! Maybe your reward is an evening out, a bottle of wine, a few hours of Netflix. Whatever works for you, make sure you spend time rewarding yourself for a job well done!


Now as we watch the snow come down this morning, maybe we can see it less as an enemy, something that needs to be cleared away as quickly as possible, and look at it more as an opportunity to take some time for ourselves, to be in nature, to enjoy the possibility of some mindfulness. And, if you have any tips for shoveling, please pass them along in the comments!


Have a great weekend everyone – stay safe! Chat with you again on Tuesday.

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Up for a Challenge? READ all about it!

Good Tuesday morning, friends! We hope your week has started off well. It’s cold, but really, when haven’t we been saying that???


Are you at the point now this winter where you’re ready to hibernate? Perhaps you’ve been there all along, but when the winter gets started, it’s all festive and holidaying and parties, so it’s little easier to take. Then we get into January, and we’re putting on a great face, trying to keep our New Year’s Resolutions and goals. Now it’s February, there is a lot of snow around, and more expected this week (don’t shoot the messenger!) and honestly, winter starts to feel unending. And don’t even get us started on that whole groundhog thing.


If hibernation – or at least extreme avoidance of the outdoors – is a goal for you in February, we have just the thing for you. And no, it’s not a list of our favourite Netflix shows – although there’s a lot to be said for our old pal Netflix! But what we’re talking about is a good old-fashioned reading challenge!


Now, what is a reading challenge you might be asking? It’s basically just setting a goal for what books you want to read each year, and how many. Or, maybe you have not only a specific number of books to read, but a particular genre or type. Some people might decide they want to read more nonfiction or more biography this year. Or maybe you are the type of person who wants to reread everything by your favourite author. It could be you want to dive into a series of books and read all those. The possibilities are endless, and it’s all about challenging yourself!

“Read more books” is often a resolution people make at the beginning of the year, since it’s something we can grasp, and we know it’s good for us – much like that gym membership or the promise to pack our lunches and not eat out as much. But the great thing about a reading challenge is that it’s low-tech, you don’t have to go anywhere specific to do it, and if you use the library, it costs you nothing. Win win, WIN situation.


PopSugar launched their 2018 reading challenge on Monday, and it’s a pretty great one! There’s really something for everyone here, and keep in mind they aren’t suggesting specific titles, it’s really just prompts such as a book by a local author (here in the Hamilton area we have LOTS to choose from) a book about mental health, a book with a fruit or vegetable in the title…and the list goes on and on.


You can join others doing the challenge on Goodreads – sign up for Goodreads and search for the PopSugar challenge group to join in – and find others who are also taking the challenge. Goodreads, if you’re not familiar with it, is a kind of social media/book recommendation site for avid readers. You can add friends much like Facebook and many authors are also on Goodreads for fans to follow. Occasionally Goodreads hosts virtual Q and A sessions with authors, which is a great way to be connected with your favourites!


Another challenge that is worth checking out comes from the FOLD – the Festival of Literary Diversity – held in Brampton each May. The FOLD is a fairly new festival, but they have done big things in the years they have been up and running, and each year gets better and better. You can find their reading challenge here, and while you’re at it, check out their lineup for this year’s festival (hint: there are potential authors that match with their reading challenge so there’s another win win WIN for you!)

If you’re game to try one or both reading challenges, let us know in the comments! And, as well, give us an idea of what you’re reading. One of the best things about books is their power to bring people together, so it’s always so great to share our current reads!


Have a great week, friends. We’ll chat again on Friday!

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Groundhog Day!



Unlike the classic movie with Bill Murray, today’s Groundhog Day is not doomed to repeat itself, and thank goodness. We are late, late, late posting today’s blog post due to technical difficulties, so it’s just as well that today will be just that – today. And tomorrow will be tomorrow, and so on… Whoa. Ok, that’s pretty deep for a Friday, so let’s just say that we’re back, and ready to bring you all-new video tutorials from Aveda!

It is of course, still Groundhog Day in this time zone, and if you’re into believing rodents for weather prediction, good ol’ Wiarton Willie insists there will be six more weeks of winter. Now some of us prefer to listen to weather professionals, meteorologists and the like, but there is something about that folksy groundhog that tugs at some heartstrings. So when he decides that we’re going to remain in winter conditions for another six weeks – or 42 days – well, we might feel a bit cheated. Thanks for nothing, Willie.

Anyway, if we have to suffer through six more weeks, we should probably do it with great looking hair, so here’s where the Aveda tutorials come in!

Because it’s still winter and it will be for a while yet (again, thanks, Willie) the cold dry air can potentially do a number on our hair. These two newly posted video tutorials both feature Aveda’s Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair which is a must-have in the dry months – whether they are winter or summer! We don’t get too much dry summer weather in southern Ontario, but for anyone who travels to dry areas (think Arizona, Las Vegas, etc.) do think about packing this fab product to protect your hair from the drying heat and sun. But, sorry, back to winter. Sigh…

Take a look at both these videos for two distinct and lovely looks: loose curls, and a sleek, low ponytail – complete with a big retro-inspired bow! And don’t forget the Damage Remedy for styling and protecting at the same time.

We hope these two styles have inspired you as we all head to the weekend! Think spring, friends, despite what that rodent says! And we’ll see you back here on Tuesday.


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Got Questions?

Good morning, and welcome to an intensely snow-covered Tuesday morning! It’s hard to believe we were all walking around in just sweaters and light jackets on Sunday, isn’t it? Just minding our own business when bam – all the snow dumped on us yet again!


Well, no matter, it’s only January, so it’s to be expected. And just think, Friday is Groundhog Day, so there’s always the chance our pal the groundhog will be predicting an early spring. We can always hope, can’t we?


For now, and to take our minds off the shoveling and the snow piling up, let’s take a deep dive into Aveda’s new Invati Advanced.


We introduced this incredible new series of products to you a few weeks ago, and you might, if you remember the Invati for Men line, have a few questions about how Invati Advanced stacks up. What’s it all about, is it just for women, what can we expect… All good questions, and fortunately for us, Living Aveda also has good answers!


Last week, Living Aveda published their Invati Advanced FAQ to ensure that we can get a really good grasp as to what this new 3-step program is all about.

Questions include is Invati Advanced safe to use while pregnant, does it work on relaxed hair, and when should I start to see results. If you’ve been wanting to ask about some of these – or any other questions – you will definitely want to click the link to this article!


Have a question that isn’t answered in the FAQ? There’s always the LiveChat to the rescue! Click to chat directly with an Aveda specialist and have your questions answered in a more personal way. And, of course, if you want something extra personal, you can always pop in to Willow and chat with your stylist about what products will work best for your hair. Think of us as the ultimate live chat!


And, think of Invati Advanced if you’re concerned about thinning hair. More details on what each step can do for your hair and scalp are available here as well.


Thanks for reading, friends! Stay safe in the snow, and we’ll chat again on Friday!


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Best Foot Forward

We are heading once again into the weekend, and with the final weekend of January upon us, who feels like it’s a good time to celebrate? We have (just about) made it through what always seems like the longest month of the year. The holidays are behind us – way, way behind us now – and we’re back in the routine of things, back in the swing of things, so yes, let’s celebrate!


And what are we celebrating? Why, you! Of course!


Don’t you think you deserve it? What with dealing with January and all? The wild, unpredictable weather? The long dark nights? The bills that started to arrive shortly after the holiday decorations came down? That’s right, it’s time for a little you time. And what better way to do that than with a relaxing pedicure…and one you can do at home, on your own.


Start with Aveda’s beautiful soaking salts in warm water, and let the stress-fix aroma melt away all the week’s difficulties, worries, and stresses. Organic lavender, lavandin, and clary sage all combine to create an aroma that helps with relaxation, and the sugar-based composition helps exfoliate skin. A perfect gift for your tired feet. They do an awful lot for you daily, show them some love!


For extra stress relief, while your feet soak, why not try the stress-fix concentrate in our portable rollerball format? Roll on wherever and whenever you’re feeling stress, and allow the aroma to soothe you.

If your feet require a little more attention, treat them to Aveda’s beautifying radiance polish. A gentle scrub with an invigorating aroma, this all-over body polish works wonders to eliminate dry skin, and reveal and soften the skin underneath. Dry winter air is the skin’s enemy, so also consider this body polish in the shower during this parched time of the year!


Finally, seal in moisture with a generous layer of foot relief moisturizing creme. This is one of Aveda’s best selling products – and for good reason! It’s a fantastic moisturizer for rough feet, and used on a regular basis it can keep feet feeling smooth and prevent cracks that can occur when the air is cold and dry. Not to mention applying it acts as a massage, which is always a good thing!


Now, has that got you thinking about taking some time for yourself and indulging in a foot soak, scrub, and moisturizing routine? GOOD. You deserve it, as we said. An hour or so can make a huge difference in our stress level, so if you’re feeling the stresses of January, this is a great way to fight back.


Enjoy the weekend when it gets here for you, friends.


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Back on the Red Carpet: The SAG Awards

Welcome back to the blog and welcome to Tuesday!


It is so predictably Canadian to continue to talk about the weather, but honestly, what is going on? 8 degrees? Sun? Then fog advisories? And rain – maybe even some freezing rain? Is it January or March?!?


Well, we know it’s January and we also know that we have a lot of winter left – in spite of what it feels like out there – so let’s take our minds off that business and focus on something a little more interesting, shall we?


Specifically, today, let’s focus on the annual SAG – or Screen Actors Guild – Awards that were presented Sunday night! It’s been awhile since we’ve done a red carpet roundup, so let’s dive right in and see some of the best looks of the night.


For an enormous number of photos of celebs on the red carpet, we really need to look no further than the always on top of things PopSugar. There are some absolutely GLORIOUS outfits in this gallery, and you can definitely see a few themes emerging. Examples? Capes! Not the superhero kind, or even the matador kind, but cape-like sleeves, and long trains coming from the shoulder – true statements!


We also saw, in keeping with some of the predictions for fashion this year, a lot of florals, and we’ve showcased a few of our favourites here because they really are breathtaking.

Bright colours made an appearance on more than a few of our favourite stars, but by FAR the most gorgeous trend of the night belonged to the women looking like beautiful statues in metallic silver, pewter, and grey. Beyond stunning, and we’ve added a few here for your jaw-dropping benefit.

And, of course, it wouldn’t be the Willow blog if we didn’t highlight some of the great hair looks from the night, and luckily for us, Fashionista has some of the best ones. From Uzo Aduba’s old-Hollywood bombshell waves, to Margot Robbie’s chic blonde lob and Millie Bobby Brown’s beribboned double bun, there was variety galore, and some really lovely, lovely looks. Makeup, for the most part, was subtle and rosy – lots of pink on lips and cheeks – just that kind of sunkissed glow that we are so desperate for here in Ontario in January, no? Ah, let’s just live vicariously for now.


Enjoy the fashion, friends, and enjoy your week. See you back here on Friday!

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January Coping: We Have Tips!

Welcome back to Friday, friends. We hope you’ve had a stellar week, and that things are going well for you!


We are deep into the month of January now, and if the cold and the snow and the eternal darkness is getting you down, we have a few ideas to help you cope with the winter blahs.


It’s usually at this time in the first month of the year that we start to fade a bit on our plans and goals for the year. But it doesn’t have to be that way! We talked back in December about keeping goals or resolutions a bit more practical and manageable, and if you’ve done that and been able to stick to them, well done! Sometimes the whole idea of goals can be overwhelming – especially in the cold, dark winter that seems to go on forever. But, if you resolved to become better organized at the start of the year – and throughout the year, too – there are a few things you might want to check out to help guide you through the rough patches, or kickstart you into actually doing what you set out to do.


Be More With Less

Last spring, around the time of spring cleaning, we highlighted this site, and it’s a good one to return to occasionally. Especially if you need a bit of help in your organizing or decluttering goals. While it isn’t spring (yet) who among us couldn’t use a bit of a push to get rid of the clutter and the stuff that can drag us down? Or, maybe it’s internal stuff after all that is getting to us. Maybe the clutter is in our minds, and we need to shake it off in order to better be involved in the world around us. Perhaps it’s a combination of both? Whatever is going on, Be More With Less can be a soothing and practical guide to dealing with the clutter that surrounds us.


The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning


If you are serious about getting organized and removing unnecessary things from your home and your life, this is the book for you! Don’t be put off by the title – we here in North America tend to get a bit freaked out by the word death in relation to anything – this is a lovely book that will make you look at the things we tend to collect with fresher eyes. Written by a woman who describes herself at the age “between 80 and 100,” the book is whimsical and delightful, and almost like having a conversation with a wise elder who breathes new life into the old idea of “putting your affairs in order.”


Hygge and Lykke


You’ve probably (maybe?) heard of these terms and the best-selling books that came out of them. Hygge – pronounced hue-guh – is a Danish word with no real direct-to-English translation, but it evokes the idea of comfort, warmth, or togetherness. Hygge was all the rage back in 2016-2017, and there’s a lot to be said for this kind of focus on being cozy this time of the year. Lykke (luu-kah) translates to happiness, and since Denmark is known as the happiest country in the world, they clearly know a thing or two about it! In fact, the author of both books, Meik Wiking, is also the CEO of the Happiness Research Institute in Copenhagen. A happiness institute means they definitely take this stuff seriously!

And while both hygge and lykke may not lead to decluttering or organizing, they can certainly help you find ways to get through the cold days with coziness and happiness, and if those two ideas weren’t on your new year’s resolution list, well maybe they should be. We could all use a lot more happiness in our lives!


How are you coping in the cold? Share your tips in the comments! And, as always, thanks for reading, and have a lovely weekend. We’ll chat again on Tuesday.

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