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Advice for Taking a Slower Pace This Weekend

It’s Friday once again and this time it’s that most glorious of Fridays, the Friday of a long weekend! Family Day is here once more and just in time, to be quite honest. The month of December that holds the bulk of our long weekends and holidays is a distant memory by now, and February, while the shortest of the months, almost always feels extra long. Why is that? Could it be, oh maybe it’s because of the WEATHER?!? Probably. We’ve had our share of bonkers weather lately, and those grey days just seem to drag on and on.


BUT. As we said, it’s the beginning of the long weekend and if you don’t already have plans, may we suggest doing…nothing. Nothing. At. All.

Take it from a snail!

Now, as it’s Family Day, you might have made plans to spend time with the family, and that’s great. And that’s just one day. What about the rest of the weekend? Would it be possible for you to find a day in there – or even part of a day – to just focus on you? We really hope it is!


Long weekends always seem like a great idea until you pack so much into them that they become even busier than a regular weekend, and you’re back to work Tuesday thinking “What the heck happened, why do I feel like I just worked another full week?!”


Don’t, if you can possibly help it, let that happen this time! Take a little advice from the Living Aveda blog – and us! – and treat your weekend like the downtime it’s supposed to be.


We’re starting with Weekend Morning Self-Care Ideas from Living Aveda because there are some great tips listed here. You might read through them and think ok, well I already do these things, but something that can happen when you see the words written down is that they become less about the duties that need to be done (walk the dog, make breakfast, etc.) and more about the act of doing them, or even the ritual of participating in these events.


If that sounds a little strange and a little “out there,” hear us out!


Most of the time we operate on autopilot, thinking about what we need to do, checking things off our lists, all of that. If we slow down, these everyday tasks can become meditative and less like work. Take, for example, making a cup of tea or a pot of coffee. If you’re like most people, you fill the kettle or the coffee maker and then you walk away to do a bunch of other things while the water boils, the coffee drips. And, if you’re like a lot of people, you get distracted while those other things are happening, so much so that you might even forget that you put the kettle on, and by the time you get back, the water has boiled and is back to being tepid again, and you need to start all over again.

Good advice for this weekend and always

But, what if you stayed there and just waited? Does that seem like wasted time? Time when you could be getting other things done? Good. That’s the point! We spend a lot of our days rushing from one thing to another, multitasking, trying to do it all. Take 10 minutes to wait for a kettle of water to boil, and another few to make the tea, and still another several to sip it. All while focusing only on that one thing.

It might be hard to do at first, but we believe in you!


We’re a culture of getting it all done and getting it all done at once, but taking some time for yourself isn’t selfish and it isn’t even lazy as the article suggests. Lazy is a complicated word because we’ve always been taught that it’s terrible to be lazy, you need to be doing something all the time! So let’s change that mindset from a negative to a positive, and recognize that we all need downtime. We’re not lazy, we’re just taking it slow.


Slow down this weekend, look around, and see where you can apply the brakes, even just briefly. It’s necessary for health and peace of mind to find that quiet breathing space. Enjoy every moment, and we’ll chat again on Tuesday, friends.

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Get All The Info and the Inspo at NYFW!

One of our favourite weeks of the year is upon us, and we are super stoked to be celebrating – and a celebration it truly is – New York Fashion Week! Also known as NYFW to its friends, just so you know…


It is indeed a celebration of all things fashion, in with the new and sometimes in with the old, and always always ALWAYS in with the fashionable and the what to expect to see in stores, on runways, and in the fashion mags in the coming months.


NYFW is a kind of bananas alternate universe that seems to run solely on caffeine, glitter, and hairspray, and if you’re on the inside it is likely SO EXHAUSTING. But, for those of us on the outskirts of it all, it seems exhilarating and glamorous and very, very chic. And one of the best ways to follow all the goings on of this epic week is to follow the NYFW instagram account. (@nyfw, in case you’re interested in following along!)


It’s so great because you get all the highlights each day of the big week, as well as lots of information about the various shows including instastories of the walks, celebrity sightings, and on-the-nose commentary about the trends that are guaranteed to show up soon in your fashion world. So even those of us very far-removed from NYFW can experience a little bit of what it’s like. Living vicariously is pretty great, and we love our ability to be an armchair fashion critic.


You can also follow along with #OverheardatNYFW for some great quips and quotes like “It’s NYFW – I work 48-hour days” and, one of our faves, “I only cut my hair on certain moons.” Because why not?!?


It’s bizarre and surreal, but we cannot look away! And, amidst all the really wild stuff are some great things to look forward to in the upcoming season. Rich colours and luxurious textures like timeless tweed are amazing in structured suits. We’ve seen some sleek, classic hair in the form of low chignons, and low ponytails too. Bright bags – also structured and business-like – were also very hot. Mix and match prints and some very romantic-looking makeup are our highlights so far, although there are still a couple of days to go.


We highly recommend following NYFW on Instagram, and, of course, any and all of your favourite designers if you’re not already doing so. It’s just the thing to brighten up your world in this overly ice-stormy and dreary February. (As an aside, can we talk about this weather? Yikes.) Get fashion, hair, and makeup inspiration to last long after the final snowbanks melt, friends. And, we’ll see you back here Friday for more blog fun. Take good care this week, everyone.

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Pop Quiz Time! What’s Your Aveda Aroma Personality?

Good morning and we do hope you have thawed out now! What a wild few days – it seems we’ve said that a few times already this winter! We had school and workplace closures and police and road maintenance crews advising us to stay off the roads if at all possible. Of course that isn’t possible for everyone, lots of us do have to venture out, and we hope you took all the precautions necessary for a trip out in the elements.


And, even though (at the time of this writing, anyway) we are still under a winter weather advisory (what next, honestly!?) at least it’s Friday!


It’s been a rough week, so we’d like to end it on a fun note, and what’s more fun than a quiz? Ummm, lots of things, you might be thinking. Well, true. But, we promise you won’t be graded on this one, and it has to do with Aveda, so we’ll understand if you’d like to change your answer now!

Living Aveda has created a fun little pop quiz for us to find the Aveda aroma that complements our personality! Now, you might be thinking, “All of them, duh!” and honestly, we are totally on board with that! But, if you would like to narrow it down just a bit – to one of the three most popular and beloved Aveda aromas – you can find the quiz right here:


Which Aveda Aroma Complements Your Personality?


And, of course, once you’ve found your answers, feel free to share them with us in the comments! We’re dying to know if you’re more Rosemary Mint (hello, bundle of energy!) or if Cherry Almond speaks to you and your sweet, sweet self. Or, maybe you are the bringer of good vibes, always, just like Shampure!


So take your newfound Aveda aroma and personality knowledge into the weekend, and give it all you’ve got! We hope it’s a great one, friends.

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Get Your BFFs and Kick it Breakfast Style for Galentine’s Day!

Welcome back to Tuesday and the work week and wow, what a difference a few days can make! From Arctic deep freeze to hello Spring-like temperatures in less than a week. From heaps of pristine snow to random clumps of frozen dirt and grit. It’s not exactly the prettiest, but if you were suffering last week in the cold, this kind of weather might seem like a welcome respite. How long will it last? Only the weather people know…and, you know, us if we watch the forecast.


We are just a little over a week out from a fairly important holiday, and one which we haven’t celebrated on the blog before and honestly it’s about time. Not Valentine’s Day, no. We usually have something to say about that, some ideas for gifts, etc. But this other holiday lets you celebrate the special women in your life – also known as your best friends.


That’s right Galentine’s Day is just around the corner! It happens annually on February 13th, and it’s a great way to tell your friends just how much they mean to you.


Galentine’s Day isn’t an official holiday, of course. It was created by Amy Poehler’s character Leslie Knope on the series Parks and Recreation, and this video explains, in Leslie’s own words, what Galentine’s Day is all about:

Ladies celebrating ladies. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, Leslie. We love it!


And while you won’t find Galentine’s Day listed on any calendars – yet – it’s the kind of “holiday” that has crept into popular culture and more and more women are making plans with their friends on Feb 13th. We are all for anything that celebrates female friendships and breakfast!


A quick Google search for Galentine’s Day returns loads of hits with ideas for GD gifts for your besties, ideas for hosting GD parties, and other activities that may or may not include breakfast/brunch. Why not branch out!


Of course, not everyone can get together mid-week for a quality BFF hang, but the whole idea of Galentine’s Day crossing over from TV to reality is a really nice thing. Our lives get so busy, and whether it’s work, school, or family commitments, evening errands or just the need to collapse in front of the TV for some Netflix, we don’t always get to spend as much time with our friends as we once did. When you think back to high school or even post-secondary we were able to spend a lot of time with friends. In the same classes, the same extracurriculars, the same lunch break, maybe even the same after school job! Most of our days included our friends in a pretty big way. The older we get the more we have to work at making sure we cultivate those friendships because we often lose that proximity to our friends.


So, if it’s been a while since you’ve had a good visit with your friends, consider a Galentine’s Day meetup or even just get in touch to plan something for the near future. Valentine’s Day is great, of course, but, in the words of the Spice Girls, if you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends. Sage advice indeed.

Have a great week, friends. We’ll catch up with you again on Friday.

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Flashback Friday: Get Cleaning!

Good Friday morning, everyone!

We’re back with another lifehack kind of post – or, as they used to call them back in the day, household hints. We’re not sure when that changed, but we do have to admit that lifehack does sound like household hints’ cooler cousin, so we’ll roll with it.

This time we want to revisit a post from 2017 all about cleaning, but specifically cleaning those things that we don’t clean on the regular, and that is our makeup brushes and sponges.

If we took a survey with a show of virtual hands, how many of you would say you clean your brushes/sponges on a regular basis? Weekly? Monthly? Annually? Never? We’re not judging, of course, but we always think it’s good to have a little reminder now and then, and this post from September 2017 is a nice roundup of tips and tricks to get those brushes – including your hairbrush – squeaky clean. Clean means less chance of bacteria and clean also means makeup goes on a lot smoother too.

So take a look at this blast-from-the-past and start February (yes, February already!) on a nice clean note.

Have a wonderful weekend, friends. Make the most of it by doing whatever brings you the most happiness!

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The V Word: Prep for Valentine’s Day With Aveda

Good morning from a very, very snowy #HamOnt!

Lots of the white stuff fell from the sky and swirled around for most of Monday, leaving us with yet another winter wonderland out there. And then there’s the cold, too. This week is going to be particularly freezing, but at least the snow stays nice and clean? Silver lining? Sure, let’s go with that.

With all the weather excitement over the past few weeks, it’s easy to forget that we are actually at the end of January, and while the end of winter isn’t exactly in sight just yet, it’s a nice reminder that this too shall pass and we will see the sun and feel its warmth again!

And, what comes after January? Well, yes, February. And if you’ve been out in the shops you might have noticed that pink and red have exploded on the scene which means yes, Valentine’s Day is (nearly) upon us!

We know, we know, you’ve probably got some deep feelings about V Day, it’s one of those holidays that tends to polarize people. But, love it, hate it, or feel ambivalent about it, it’s impossible to ignore, so perhaps just make the best of it by indulging in some of your favourite treats – with or without a Valentine!

Aveda wants to help you find a gift for that special someone, and if that special someone is you, even better!

Visit Willow or to see our Valentine gift sets which this year prominently feature Cherry Almond Softening shampoo and conditioner. And we think that’s just perfect. It’s a gorgeously sweet, fruity, and floral aroma that makes you think of chocolate covered cherries or candy hearts! Not to mention the pretty in pink packaging that has won our hearts time and again! The limited edition Gift of Cherry Almond is a fantastic gift idea for someone you love, or, again, if you’re in the market to be your own Valentine you could do a LOT worse than this gift pack with the shampoo, conditioner AND the signature Aveda paddle brush. Swoon!

There is also a sweet little men’s travel package and a Beautifying gift set too, that anyone would love to receive!

Feeling the love!

A nice little touch if you’re browsing the website looking for gift ideas, there are a couple of cute video tutorials for date night hair and makeup ideas! What a nice treat!

If you’re undecided about how you feel about the whole V Day idea, it’s ok. You’ve still got time, and we recommend a little self-care in the form of an Aveda gift for yourself, or whatever makes you feel good. You just can’t go wrong loving yourself, and whether you do it with a purchase of something new, or you simply take the time to do something you love, we’re behind you 100%!

Have a great week, friends. We’ll be back on Friday with more bloggy goodness for you all!


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The Best Ingredients for the Best Outcome

If you’ve made a plan to try to be healthier for 2019, you are certainly not alone. The new year is the most popular time for people to set goals and make resolutions to take better care of themselves. September is another popular time for this, of course, what with us all having been through the school system which rules us from a very early age. But January, that’s where the real money is. You know, for gyms and juicers and yoga classes and other similar things.


We here at the Willow Salon blog are of the mind that you, yes you, are just great the way you are, but it’s human nature to want to take charge of you to the best of your ability. And, with the holidays nearly always throwing a wrench into plans for healthy eating, better and more daily movement, etc., well that means January is the time to renew our commitment to body, mind, and soul.


We’re definitely not here to tell you what to do, that’s for sure. We know you’ve got that covered, but when it comes to things like the importance of fresh and natural ingredients…well, Aveda does know a thing or two about those.

The best ingredients help create the best possible products and experience.

One of our favourite pages to visit and revisit on the Aveda Canada website is the one called, simply, Ingredients. It’s like an encyclopedia of Aveda and the things that go into Aveda products, how they are sourced or harvested, the different partnerships that make this sourcing possible, how the ingredients are prepared and used, and the benefits derived from them. It’s a fascinating page, honestly. Each of the plants listed on the page is also accompanied by a video where you can learn even more – about the plant itself, the people who use it, and its benefits and uses.


So, when you’re considering healthy choices in your life, you can’t do much better than Aveda for your body, mind, and soul. Think of the ingredients that help to nourish your skin and hair, the aromas that can soothe your soul and calm your mind. We don’t always consider these things as part of our healthy lifestyle, but they themselves can most definitely contribute to our well-being, and learning more about what goes into Aveda products can also impact the way we view the world around us.


Have a wonderful weekend, everyone. Nourish your body, your mind, and your soul in the best way you can, with whatever you need for the best possible you. We know you’re worth it, and we hope you know it too. See you back here on Tuesday!

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Tutorial Tuesday: Quick Hairstyle Alert!

Are you poking your head out from under the covers to read this? We don’t need to tell you how cold it’s been this past weekend and to start the week. Some of the coldest days we’ve seen in a long time – at least since last winter.

There does tend to be a general sense of weather amnesia or at least weather forgetfulness every winter when we are shocked – SHOCKED – that the temperatures dip way below freezing. Perhaps it’s a survival instinct and it keeps us all from leaving here and moving someplace much, much warmer.

Whatever it is, at least we know that temperatures like the ones from the weekend and yesterday are a) generally pretty rare and b) usually short-lived and so we can get back to our hovering around 0C world soon enough.

And, of course, we do know that very few of us have the luxury to stay in bed and under the covers no matter how cold it gets. Work and school and appointments and errands all still have to happen despite the weather. Sad but true. But, today at least we’ve got a short, cute, and helpful video to share with you, and that should help brighten the day!

Say hello to Page Danielle as she teaches us the basics of the messy bun!

Often our weekend go-to hairstyle, the messy bun is extremely versatile, and, as Page shows us, it doesn’t have to be just for those hanging around the house days at all.

The best part about this video is that the Aveda products she uses are the perfect ones for cold, dry winter days. Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair Treatment and Dry Remedy Daily Moisturizing Oil are both amazing for adding intense hydration and reducing frizz, flyaways, and static. The bane of our winter existence!

Page finishes with a few sprays of Air Control, and there you have it. Bam. Easy. Cute.

Do you messy bun it up sometimes? Want to share your tips? Let us know in the comments, we always love to hear from you!

Stay warm, friends, and stay positive too. Winter isn’t so bad, after all. We’ll get through it all together.


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Warm Up With Colour!

Hi everyone, welcome to the deep freeze!


With temperatures in the minuses – the double-digit minuses, that is – and at least 10cm of snow expected for the weekend, our thoughts might just turn to ideas to warm us up. There are the usual, of course: hot beverages, warm scarves, blankets, and just staying inside near a heater or a fireplace, refusing to budge. And, while this last suggestion is tempting, it’s not always practical. Life goes on, doesn’t it? Even at -23C (the projected low temperature for Saturday…yikes!)


So, instead, let’s turn our minds to colours that can transport us away from ice and snow and set us down gently in someplace less extreme. And the perfect colour to do just that comes from Pantone and their Color of the Year for 2019, Living Coral!

First, here’s a little bit about Pantone from their website:

“The Pantone Color Institute is the business unit within Pantone that highlights top seasonal runway colors, forecasts global color trends, and advises companies on color for product and brand visual identity. Through seasonal trend forecasts, color psychology, and color consulting, the Pantone Color Institute partners with global brands to leverage the power, psychology, and emotion of color in their design strategy.”


It’s a pretty fascinating topic, this business of colour, and while Pantone does a lot for companies and branding, it’s also interesting for individuals to take advantage of colour trends, whether it’s redecorating a room in your home, choosing an outfit or changing the colour of your hair – we’ll get to that last one in a bit!


And this year’s colour is pretty great for evoking those warmer thoughts we were talking about earlier. It’s cheerful and reminiscent of tropical getaways, summer sunsets (or sunrises if you’re ambitious) and umbrella drinks! Ahhhh, can’t you just feel the sun now?


And all that warmth brings us back to Aveda and to the colour trends for this season, and, you guessed it, warmth is totally in for Winter 2019. Take a look at this article that outlines some of the hues and tones stylists are seeing for clients who are embracing the golds, bronzes, and pearl-tones this season. And, the Color of the Year also makes an appearance in the article, with this paragraph featuring Aveda’s Global Artistic Director for Hair Color and Hair Cutting Ian Michael Black:


“Another color trend Ian is loving: Pantone’s Color of the Year, Living Coral. “It translates beautifully to hair. It is perfect for those that want to embrace being a redhead, but with soft, warm, feminine undertones. It’s very inviting and light-hearted.””


We are definitely ready to embrace inviting and light-hearted!


Have a lovely weekend, friends. Stay as warm as you can, whether it’s realistically under blankets and sweaters, or virtually through colour, and we will chat again on Tuesday.


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Get Beautifying, Your Body Will Thank You.

Do you ever get the feeling that we often take parts of ourselves for granted?


That might be a bit heavy to start our week, and apologies for hitting you with that right off the bat, but if you think about it, we spend a lot of time taking care of certain areas and some areas may get neglected.


Ok, let’s try an example. Most of us take good care of our hair and our faces, right? These are the parts of us that get shown to the world every single day. For better or for worse, we spend a good deal of time ensuring our hair looks nice, that our faces are clean and moisturized, and, if we are so inclined, with the addition of a little – or a lot – of makeup. We also look at shaping our brows (again, not everyone, but it’s an area that often gets attention) and we like to make sure our lips aren’t chapped and cracked – especially in the wintertime. And it’s in the winter that we can take the rest of our skin for granted…because guess what? No one is seeing it, it’s too cold!


Aha! Lightbulb moment.


If you’re someone who jumps in the shower daily, then hops right out, dries off and immediately gets dressed – likely because clothes are WARM and your place might be chilly first thing – then this is a post you might want to stop and take to heart. Or at least to skin.

Love your skin with Aveda’s Beautifying collection!

We often don’t notice how dry our skin can get in the winter, because so much of it is covered up for 99% of the day. Between sweaters and tights, warm scarves and thick socks, we just don’t see a lot of ourselves. And then, in the spring, once the layers start to come off, the big reveal can be a little shocking. All that dry skin! Cracks in our heels! Yikes, what to do?!?


So think of today’s post as your mid-winter reminder to get a little lotion on the rest of the body while the temperatures are freezing. You’ll thank yourself – and us! – in the spring.


And if you’re moisturizing, you might as well moisturize with the best of the best, and give Aveda’s Beautifying collection a try!


If you haven’t yet experienced Beautifying, let us introduce you! The Beautifying collection includes the Creme Cleansing Oil, Body Moisturizer, Composition oil, and a Beautifying Radiance Polish body scrub. These are some of the most gorgeous products and are just the thing for the harsh winter weather.


Start in the shower with the Creme Cleansing Oil which moisturizes as it cleans, and follow with the Body Moisturizer to lock in that moisture. Use the Beautifying Composition Oil on particularly dry areas like elbows, knees, heels…or add it to the bath for an all-over moisture boost. Use Radiance Polish regularly to exfoliate dry, rough skin which will allow the lotion or oil work best.


And of course, it’s Aveda, so you know the aroma is going to be amazing and do wonders for your well-being as well as your skin! The uplifting aroma includes notes of rosemary, lavender, bergamot, and other pure flower and plant essences. Next time you’re at Willow, be sure to experience this wonderful aroma for yourself.  


If this whole routine seems like a lot for your morning, consider an evening, before bed moisturizing ritual. That way you have more time, and the products have the whole night to work their magic, and you can fall asleep knowing you’ve done well by your skin!


Have a great week, everyone. Carve out a little time to take care of you this week, and we will see you back here on Friday.


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