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Round Out Your Week With An Easy Breezy Hair Tutorial!

Good morning everyone, and welcome back to the blog…and to Friday!


If it has felt like an extra long week to you, you’re not alone in that feeling! Somehow that spring-ahead hour really does a number on us. And it’s just an hour! Who would think it could have such an impact?


Anyway, if you’ve been dragging all week, today we’ve got a nice little video tutorial that is all about keeping things simple.


Beauty blogger Hiliana Devila has a quick and fun hairstyle tutorial that will give you some ideas and put a smile on your face.


She is styling second day hair (at least!) which is honestly one of our favourite things to do. Those days where you know you can sleep in just a little longer or linger over that extra coffee because your hair requires less attention than usual? Perfection.


Hiliana starts with Shampure dry shampoo, and the great thing is that she spends a little extra time massaging the product into her hair and scalp which is a really great kind of self-care. A head massage always feels so good and it’s a great way to start your day. As Hiliana says it helps increase blood flow, so basically it gets your brain jumping which is just what everyone needs to start their day!


From there she moves to Texture Tonic and a few spritzes of that help define and hold the curls she creates using a curling wand.


Then it’s just finger combing the waves, and that is that. Easy peasy.


If you’re feeling like you need something this classic and this and easy to finish off the week and launch you into the weekend, we are glad to help! Hiliana makes it look so easy – and it honestly is – and it takes very little time too. We love it. And we can’t finish off talking about this video without drawing attention to that makeup! Those eyes and that gorgeous red lip? Outstanding!


So enjoy the video and if you can, plan to take things a little slower to end off the week. And, of course, have a great weekend! We’ll chat again on Tuesday.

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Colour Your World: Spring Fashion Sneak Peek

Happy Tuesday, and if you are on March Break, we hope you’re having a lovely time away from work and/or school. If you’re not on March Break, well, we feel you (we aren’t either) but we hope you can take solace in the fact that traffic is a little lighter, and buses are a little less full if you’re a transit commuter. Silver linings and all that.


We’ve had our “Spring Forward” as of Sunday, and so the days are a little longer now, which always gives us a bit of a lift. The days are also a little warmer, and while we don’t want to get our hopes too high, there is definitely a spring like feeling happening out there, you can’t deny it.


Winter has been going on for ages, it seems, and one of the ways we know that we’ve just about had enough is our feelings towards our winter coats and handbags. Let’s see a show of hands: who is sick to death of their coat by now? Sick of your winter handbag too, perhaps? We completely agree. And even if you have more than one of each – say a casual coat and a dress one – there comes a time when you just don’t want to even look at it anymore! We are ready for something else, something fresh and maybe even something with COLOUR! Can we guess the colour of your coat? Wait now, is it black? Grey? Navy blue? Very dark green? If you answered yes to any of these colours, the kind that blend into the cold dark skies of winter, well you’re not alone. And don’t even get us started on those dark, salt-stained purses. It’s definitely time for something new and today we’ve got a few Spring coat and bag roundups that should satisfy your thirst for colour and warm temperatures for the next little while.


Vogue UK has a lovely gallery of spring jackets, blazers and coats that are giving us all the feels. There is a definite trend to longer lines in jackets, along with the traditional bomber styles and we are here for it. There is an elegance to a mid-length jacket, especially in a bright hue, and Vogue has some great examples for us!


For a more casual vibe, be sure to check out the styles featured on MarieClaire. Get your denim on, as well as your colourful windbreaker, classic leather biker styles, and more! 


For handbags, InStyle has the BEST roundup and features dozens of bright, beautiful and bold bags in the trendiest shapes and styles. It’s a one-stop shopping gallery, honestly.


So great to see all the colour! Deep down we know in our hearts that we still have some winter to live through, but oh wow isn’t it nice to dream of sundresses, light jackets, and pretty, pretty handbags. Keep dreaming, friends, it’s what gets us through!

Have a wonderful week, everyone. Enjoy it all, whatever that means for you. And we will chat again on Friday.

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March, Breaking

We are so glad it’s Friday, how about you? It has felt like a very long week, and we’re not sure why. Maybe because of the cold? Shivering all the time is exhausting, honestly. And so is constantly getting into your winter coat, boots, scarf, hat, mittens…whew. Winter is a LOT of work, and we long for the days of light jackets and regular shoes and leaving the house carefree without undertaking the Herculean task of getting all that gear on. It will come, friends, we promise. Spring always does, and at least we are starting to see a few of the signs.


We’ve heard reports of robin sightings (those poor little fellas are probably chilled to the bone!) and some of the other birds – cardinals and blue jays in particular – are starting to make their “springtime sounds.” It’s definitely not pitch black at 7:00 am anymore, and the clocks go ahead tomorrow night (don’t forget!) so we’ll have an extra hour of daylight. AND, finally, the temperatures will be rising to above freezing – by Sunday WELL above freezing – and that means that those mountains of snow and ice will finally start to shrink. Ah, Spring. It’s not far off now, friends. And if you’re someone getting a jump on the nice weather by spending your March Break in a friendlier climate, we both envy and congratulate you.


If you are jetting off someplace lovely and warm, don’t forget to take some Aveda with you when you go! It’s been ages – at least it feels like ages – since we’ve been able to recommend some of the Aveda sun products for body and hair, and it feels really nice to be able to remind you to grab those to make your life easier when you’re away from home.

The melting starts now, Spring is closer than ever!

Keep your hair protected with Aveda’s sun care protective hair veil, which helps prevent drying and harmful UV rays. Or, the all-in-one sun care hair and body cleanser that helps remove chlorine and salt from both your hair and your skin. It’s always good to travel with those double-duty kinds of products, and this is one you shouldn’t leave behind. Find all the Aveda sun products here and keep yourself well protected for the duration of your vacation.


You might also want to check out the Living Aveda blog and their Spring Break Beauty Essentials for even more ideas for maintaining healthy hair and skin while you’re away.


And, if you’re not heading off on a trip of some sort, well, we feel you, friends. This winter has seemed endless, so put on some fun summer music, bust out your blender for some summery cocktails, and do your best to pretend. Winter can’t last forever, right? RIGHT???


Whatever your plans are, have a wonderful weekend, everyone. For those of you still in the area, we’ll be here on Tuesday for more blog fun! See you back here then.

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No-Buy Knowhow

Have you ever tried to do a month of not buying anything? Ok, not anything, of course. You need things like food and medication and other essentials of course. But there has been a growing movement over the past few years to take a month off from buying anything other than necessities.


We’re not exactly sure where the no-buy month idea came from, but do a quick Google search and you’ll see a lot of articles devoted to it.


It may have started with Buy Nothing Day which typically happens on the day after US Thanksgiving – also known as Black Friday – with BND acting as an antidote to that kind of rampant consumerism. Spend the day buying nothing, or at least buying only the things you need at this time. Just because it’s a bargain doesn’t necessarily mean you absolutely have to buy it. It’s all about consideration before making a purchase…consider the need and the reason for buying before whipping out your wallet.


The no-buy movement is seen a lot in the area of makeup and toiletries, and before you get too worked up, obviously this isn’t something you want to do forever, but it’s definitely a good time to take stock of what you have and move on from there.


The Living Aveda blog has an article that is somewhat related, in that it’s all about finishing your products before moving onto the next big thing. And there is a lot to be said for this idea. For one thing, how satisfying is it to use a product you love right to the last tiny little bit? The accompanying photos in this Living Aveda article have us nodding right along. If you’ve found the perfect product, you definitely want to make it last and you don’t want to waste a bit of it either. And there definitely is a sense of real accomplishment when you’ve managed to squeeze out that last bit of conditioner or hand cream, or you’ve made it to the end of that fave lip balm without losing it! (Honestly, can you relate? How many lip balms never see the final twist because they’ve fallen out of bags or been left behind in hotels because they’ve rolled off the nightstand??? RIP.)


If you decide to take the no-buy pledge for the month of March – or any month, really – there is no formal or official way to do it, you just kind of have to take the plunge and find what works for you. For example, perhaps you’re a lipstick junkie or an eyeshadow fiend, and every time you pop into Willow for an appointment you just have to see what’s new and maybe go home with a fresh new look AND a new lippy or eye colour. Well, maybe take a look in your makeup stash at home and in your bag and decide that you will not buy another lip or eye product until you’ve used up what you already have.


Does this sound like something you can do or does even thinking about it cause you to break out in a sweat? Ok, don’t panic! Maybe that’s a little too extreme, so what about using a product until you hit pan? Basically, this means until you can see the bottom or base of the product – think of the shiny metal or plastic that comes through when you’ve hit the bottom of your blush or eye shadow. It’s a start, right?

Ready to use it all up before moving on?

And of course, this refers only to those unnecessary things we all buy because…well we know why we buy them. If you are in desperate need of foundation or an eye pencil because you just used up the last of the one you had, go for it!


The no-buy idea is another way of trying to be mindful of where we spend our money and what we’re spending it on. So often we breeze into Sephora or Shoppers Drug Mart or wherever intending to buy one thing and then whoops, many many dollars later we are walking out thinking what the heck just happened?! If we are consciously looking at the things we have and saying yes, I can work with this for a bit longer, then we are definitely being more mindful. Taking stock can be a wonderful thing.


If you’re committed to trying out the no-buy trend, let us know in the comments! And, fill us in on which of your current favourite products are the ones that are, as the saying goes, good to the last drop!

Have a great week, everyone. We’ll chat again on Friday!

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Red Carpet Roundup

Good Friday morning and welcome to March! Yes, already!


So on Tuesday, we didn’t talk about the Oscars because we were super excited to introduce you to Aveda’s newest stunner in the makeup collection, the brow definer. And we hope you’ve had a chance to check it out!


BUT. We can’t not talk about the Oscars, so…let’s talk!


Did you watch the broadcast? It was definitely an interesting year with no host and a few surprise winners, but what we want to talk about, of course, is the fashion on the red carpet.

Winner for, you know, everything

For red carpet roundups, Vogue never disappoints, and they have a fantastic slideshow that begins Lady Gaga. What did you think of her look that night? She is always one to inspire polar opposite views (we are hesitant to say “love her or hate her” because honestly, we shouldn’t hate) but we think we can all come to an agreement that her hair, makeup, and dress (oooh that dress!) were 100% on point for the ceremony. A bit of a nod to old Hollywood looks of the past with that sleek updo too!


Another fave who always looks amazing is JLo, and last Sunday night was NO. EXCEPTION. We love how she almost always keeps her hair simple yet stunning, and again, that dress! Someone on Twitter mentioned she looked like a sexy disco ball and who are we to disagree?!

Tessa Thompson looking glorious

We also loved seeing Serena Williams on the red carpet in an incredible figure-enhancing Armani Prive gown, with that perfectly sleek and elegant ponytail. Truly the greatest athlete of all time AND super stylish too!


We also could not get enough of Tessa Thompson in stunning Chanel Couture, looking like a statuette herself! But the hands-down favourite had to have been Billy Porter – and didn’t we also say that at the Golden Globes???) – in an incredible Christian Siriano tuxedo gown! Go home, everyone else, Billy won the night.


Last but definitely not least we want to talk about Glenn Close in her amazing Caroline Herrera gown. If Tessa Thompson looked like a statuette, Glenn looked like an actual Oscar! That gold! That train! Absolutely stunning, and she OWNED that look.


So tell us, who were your favourites? What did you love, what did you think needed some work? We love a good red carpet debrief, so leave us a comment and let’s chat about it!

Have a lovely weekend, everyone. Think Spring!


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New Product Alert: Brow Definer = WOW Definer!

It’s not news that full, well-defined, and expertly shaped eyebrows are having a moment or two right now. In fact, cultivated and groomed brows have been featured for quite some time, and hours of screen time have been spent trying to recreate the perfect brow. We see brow bars – establishments and shops dedicated exclusively to creating the perfect brow for you – popping up in cities everywhere these days. A quick Google search for “brows” will return a LOT of results in Hamilton alone, as well as tutorials and tips for fabulous brows and how to wear them. As well, there is no shortage of brow elixirs, shapers, brushes and techniques all designed to give you that perfect arch.


And, you can add a new product from Aveda to your toolbox to get the best brows you can!


Introducing Aveda’s brow definer, a wonderful new addition to the Aveda makeup team! Available in four shades (more if you decide to mix them up a bit) and 100% naturally-derived and vegan, brow definer will help you take your brows to the next level.


From the website:


  • Innovative angle tip design delivers the ultimate in customized, versatile application.
  • Use the point end to outline and shape and the flat edge to fill your brows for a defined, natural look
  • Custom spooley end, balancing width and firmness, seamlessly blends color
  • Ophthalmologist-tested

AND it’s smudge proof, as well as water, sweat, and humidity-resistant. This might not be a big deal right now, but summer is coming, and so are the super sweaty days and nights, so why not get started right now?!


There’s more information about brow definer on the website, including a colour chart to help you determine the best shade for you (and your hair colour!)


So whether you’re taking brow matters into your own hands, or you’re getting a little help from the professionals, consider adding Aveda’s brow definer to your makeup kit! Even professionally done brows need a little assistance now and again, and this is a great tool to have on hand for touch-ups or when you just need a little extra drama in your life – and in your brows!


Have a great week, friends. Stay warm and cosy, as much as possible, and we’ll see you again on Friday to kick off the first weekend of March! Yes, March! See you then!


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Video Friday: Wash and Go for Curly Hair

It’s been awhile since we’ve featured a tutorial for curly hair, and today we have a great one to share with you! YouTuber Ada Rojas teamed up with Aveda’s YouTube channel to bring us this entertaining and thorough video on creating a wash and go look for curly haired babes.


She starts with some of the tried and true Aveda products for curly hair – the Be Curly line is absolute perfection – but also includes some lesser-known workhorses like Flax Seed Aloe Strong Hold Sculpturing Gel (say that five times fast!) and another product that doesn’t always get the love it deserves, Volumizing Tonic.


Ada takes us through her process from start to finishing touches and outlines everything she does in detail so you can easily follow along. And, we think you’ll agree, the finished product is out of this world!

Enjoy the video and enjoy the weekend, everyone! Fingers crossed for more sunshine and warmer temperatures and we will see you back here on Tuesday.


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Resist Labels, Define Yourself!

Happy Tuesday, friends, and we hope you all had a wonderful long Family Day weekend! Did you get up to anything fun and exciting? Or did you take our Friday blog post advice and take things a little bit slower instead? However you decided to spend your time we hope it was just what you needed!


And, speaking of things that you need, today we want to talk a little bit about a new promotion rolling out at Willow this week that just might be exactly what we all need during this winter that just does not seem to want to settle down. From freezing rain last week to a LOT of snow overnight Sunday into Monday, to a brief deep freeze Monday night to the potential for MORE freezing rain later this week, we just can’t seem to catch a break this season. (Okay the holiday Monday was actually kind of a nice respite from the bonkers weather, but when was the last time we saw the sun for that length of time?!?)

So, just in the nick of time, Willow is introducing You Define You, a true celebration of who YOU really are, and not the labels others might try to pin on you.


Labels can be useful, specifically when we use them to describe ourselves. You might say you’re a cat person or a dog person; you might use your occupation to describe yourself (I’m a teacher or I’m a financial advisor.) These are all labels, and they can help us identify ourselves in terms that other humans in society can relate to. And when they’re used in that way, to describe who we are and what we do, labels can definitely be helpful. But what about labels that are applied to you without your knowledge or your consent? What about the ones that are designed to be hurtful or, even if they’re neutral, if they are pinned on you by outsiders, by people whose only observations of you are only surface…what do those labels mean? We hear this all the time: Oh she’s a diva, he’s a poser or a fake. These are the labels that most definitely do NOT define you. You and you alone get to decide who you are and what defines you. You define you. And that is that. 


With that in mind, Willow is excited to launch this promotion of colour services designed to emphasize and enhance your definition of yourself. Refuse to be labelled the way someone else wants you to be and embrace who you are according to your rules and your rules only. And, of course, these self-imposed labels or definitions can change over time, and that’s what makes this promotion so worthwhile and so exciting!


So check your email this week to learn more about the campaign and how you can take advantage of a really sweet deal on colour services at Willow. Why wait for Spring when it still seems soooo far away? It might just be time to define yourself anew. We can’t wait to see what you’ll come up with!


Have a lovely short week, everyone! We’ll chat with you again on Friday.


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Advice for Taking a Slower Pace This Weekend

It’s Friday once again and this time it’s that most glorious of Fridays, the Friday of a long weekend! Family Day is here once more and just in time, to be quite honest. The month of December that holds the bulk of our long weekends and holidays is a distant memory by now, and February, while the shortest of the months, almost always feels extra long. Why is that? Could it be, oh maybe it’s because of the WEATHER?!? Probably. We’ve had our share of bonkers weather lately, and those grey days just seem to drag on and on.


BUT. As we said, it’s the beginning of the long weekend and if you don’t already have plans, may we suggest doing…nothing. Nothing. At. All.

Take it from a snail!

Now, as it’s Family Day, you might have made plans to spend time with the family, and that’s great. And that’s just one day. What about the rest of the weekend? Would it be possible for you to find a day in there – or even part of a day – to just focus on you? We really hope it is!


Long weekends always seem like a great idea until you pack so much into them that they become even busier than a regular weekend, and you’re back to work Tuesday thinking “What the heck happened, why do I feel like I just worked another full week?!”


Don’t, if you can possibly help it, let that happen this time! Take a little advice from the Living Aveda blog – and us! – and treat your weekend like the downtime it’s supposed to be.


We’re starting with Weekend Morning Self-Care Ideas from Living Aveda because there are some great tips listed here. You might read through them and think ok, well I already do these things, but something that can happen when you see the words written down is that they become less about the duties that need to be done (walk the dog, make breakfast, etc.) and more about the act of doing them, or even the ritual of participating in these events.


If that sounds a little strange and a little “out there,” hear us out!


Most of the time we operate on autopilot, thinking about what we need to do, checking things off our lists, all of that. If we slow down, these everyday tasks can become meditative and less like work. Take, for example, making a cup of tea or a pot of coffee. If you’re like most people, you fill the kettle or the coffee maker and then you walk away to do a bunch of other things while the water boils, the coffee drips. And, if you’re like a lot of people, you get distracted while those other things are happening, so much so that you might even forget that you put the kettle on, and by the time you get back, the water has boiled and is back to being tepid again, and you need to start all over again.

Good advice for this weekend and always

But, what if you stayed there and just waited? Does that seem like wasted time? Time when you could be getting other things done? Good. That’s the point! We spend a lot of our days rushing from one thing to another, multitasking, trying to do it all. Take 10 minutes to wait for a kettle of water to boil, and another few to make the tea, and still another several to sip it. All while focusing only on that one thing.

It might be hard to do at first, but we believe in you!


We’re a culture of getting it all done and getting it all done at once, but taking some time for yourself isn’t selfish and it isn’t even lazy as the article suggests. Lazy is a complicated word because we’ve always been taught that it’s terrible to be lazy, you need to be doing something all the time! So let’s change that mindset from a negative to a positive, and recognize that we all need downtime. We’re not lazy, we’re just taking it slow.


Slow down this weekend, look around, and see where you can apply the brakes, even just briefly. It’s necessary for health and peace of mind to find that quiet breathing space. Enjoy every moment, and we’ll chat again on Tuesday, friends.

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Get All The Info and the Inspo at NYFW!

One of our favourite weeks of the year is upon us, and we are super stoked to be celebrating – and a celebration it truly is – New York Fashion Week! Also known as NYFW to its friends, just so you know…


It is indeed a celebration of all things fashion, in with the new and sometimes in with the old, and always always ALWAYS in with the fashionable and the what to expect to see in stores, on runways, and in the fashion mags in the coming months.


NYFW is a kind of bananas alternate universe that seems to run solely on caffeine, glitter, and hairspray, and if you’re on the inside it is likely SO EXHAUSTING. But, for those of us on the outskirts of it all, it seems exhilarating and glamorous and very, very chic. And one of the best ways to follow all the goings on of this epic week is to follow the NYFW instagram account. (@nyfw, in case you’re interested in following along!)


It’s so great because you get all the highlights each day of the big week, as well as lots of information about the various shows including instastories of the walks, celebrity sightings, and on-the-nose commentary about the trends that are guaranteed to show up soon in your fashion world. So even those of us very far-removed from NYFW can experience a little bit of what it’s like. Living vicariously is pretty great, and we love our ability to be an armchair fashion critic.


You can also follow along with #OverheardatNYFW for some great quips and quotes like “It’s NYFW – I work 48-hour days” and, one of our faves, “I only cut my hair on certain moons.” Because why not?!?


It’s bizarre and surreal, but we cannot look away! And, amidst all the really wild stuff are some great things to look forward to in the upcoming season. Rich colours and luxurious textures like timeless tweed are amazing in structured suits. We’ve seen some sleek, classic hair in the form of low chignons, and low ponytails too. Bright bags – also structured and business-like – were also very hot. Mix and match prints and some very romantic-looking makeup are our highlights so far, although there are still a couple of days to go.


We highly recommend following NYFW on Instagram, and, of course, any and all of your favourite designers if you’re not already doing so. It’s just the thing to brighten up your world in this overly ice-stormy and dreary February. (As an aside, can we talk about this weather? Yikes.) Get fashion, hair, and makeup inspiration to last long after the final snowbanks melt, friends. And, we’ll see you back here Friday for more blog fun. Take good care this week, everyone.

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