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Pump Up The Volume

Welcome back to Friday, everyone! It’s starting out to be a glorious kind of spring day, and we are keeping fingers crossed that the rest of the weekend is the same!


Today we want to take a little from our friends at the Living Aveda blog and talk about volume. Not as in sound or music – although a little volume there too is almost always a good idea – but volume in your hair.


You probably already know that Aveda has several products to boost volume, and you might even be able to name them all, but do you know when to use them, and for what sort of hair they work best/most effectively? If you don’t, this article will give you the straight goods on what products and techniques work best on your type of hair!


Fast and Easy Volume for All Hair Types


And, for even more info and instruction on adding a little more bounce to your ‘do, check out the Aveda YouTube channel. Just do a search for ‘volume’ – as we just did – and you’ll pull up a variety of videos so you can get a visual on what to do, how to use products, etc.

Of course, you can also book in with your fab Willow stylist who will also give you the best tips and ideas for your hair! If you’ve never booked a blowdry just on its own, we highly recommend it! It’s an amazing way to treat yourself, and if you let your stylist know you’re looking to enhance volume, they will be able to recommend products and techniques too, as well as give suggestions as they go along. After all, who – other than you – knows your hair best? Yep, it’s your stylist!


Have a great weekend everyone! Go pump up the volume on your hair and your life! And enjoy every little moment.


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Spring = Colour!

One of the things that is the best about the spring months and one of the things we love is the colour. It seems as though we go from bare branches and grey and dull looking bushes and lawns to vibrant technicolour in a matter of minutes, doesn’t it? Whether it’s the lush greens of the newly budding and newly leafed trees or the explosion of colourful tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, and other early spring bulbs or the fragrant magnolias, lilacs, and peonies, our neighbourhoods and communities are awash in colour during the month of May. And, given the amount of rain we’ve had, lawns are at their most green these days! Even the dandelions seem extra bright and exuberant, with their yellow heads, and the ones that have already moved to seed with their fuzzy white tops add to the colour landscape.

The prettiest pink inspiration.

All this colour gets us thinking…


What do you want to do with your colour this bright and bold season?


Spring is all about renewal, and the same could just very well go for your hair, too! If you’ve been thinking about a change – either a subtle one or something really, really different and radical – this could be your season to just go for it!


And this is around the time, typically, when fashion mags break out the trends for summer in hair colour. And that’s all fine and good, but instead of going with the flow, why not just make an appointment with your Willow stylist and see about finding something uniquely YOU for the season?


Honestly, we can talk about trends and celebrity hair sightings for ages and ages, but ultimately, what will work best for you is what works best for you. And no, it’s not a trap! Why let someone else – or a series of someone elses – decide when you can just go for it? We are all for trends and getting our inspiration from the magazines and influencers, but when it comes right down to it, who knows your personality and style better than you? Or, perhaps your Willow stylist, actually… So why not, between the two of you, find the best possible seasonal or year-round colour for you! You can’t lose, honestly.

More colour, more inspiration!

So if you’re thinking of changing it up, colour-wise, get into Willow and start chatting. Leave the celebrity headshots at home and talk about what you’re envisioning for yourself. Your Team Willow stylist is definitely going to have some great ideas and with the two of you working together? Well, you just might start your own trend.


Think colour, everyone! And never mind today’s rain. There’s inspiration to be found everywhere, you just have to be open to it.


Have a wonderful week, we’ll chat again on Friday!


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Video Tutorial Friday: Good Brows in Action!

Good morning, it’s Friday again, and by the end of this short week, we are definitely ready for the weekend! We hope you’ve had a good week, and that the holiday Monday didn’t mess you up too badly. Do you ever feel as if you’re a day ahead or a day behind after the long weekend? You’re not alone, that’s for sure. We’re all a bit lost as to what day it actually is, honestly. But, you can be sure that today is Friday, and that is definitely something to celebrate!


Today we’ve got a really helpful tutorial for you from Aveda’s YouTube channel! And, just a reminder, if you’re not subscribed to the Aveda channel you are missing out on amazing hair, makeup, and skincare tips and tricks, new product alerts, and a lot more.


This morning’s video features Ashley Klaty giving us a masterclass in brow definition and shaping using Aveda’s new brow definer.


And we love this because it’s not just any brow tutorial, Ashley gives us the straight goods on her brows, and how one is less cooperative than the other! We love that honesty, truly. It’s one thing to see a video where the subject already has perfect brows and then they just give a little brushing and shading and ta-da! All done. Ashley points out where the ‘flaws’ in her brows are, areas that need a little extra help and TLC, and explains her approach to a super natural looking brow, and we are here for it.


At the end of the tutorial, we get a little bit about Aveda’s Feed My Lips – liners and lipsticks – to complete the look, as well as a quick guide to beachy waves using Texture Tonic.


The entire tutorial is less than seven minutes, but Ashley sure does pack a lot of information and detail into those minutes! And, the results are just lovely. A polished yet still relatively casual look that can take you straight into the weekend, for whatever you have planned.


Enjoy, friends. And have a great weekend. Wishing you the determination and resolve to get it done…whatever it may be. See you on Tuesday!

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Getting Organized? Let Us Help!

Happy Tuesday, and welcome to the week after the long holiday weekend! We hope you had a great time, whatever it was you did. Did you get out of town? Take in the fireworks? Sleep in on a Monday? (always a great feeling!) Hit up a patio or two? Let us know in the comments! We’re always on the lookout for great places and ideas to feature here on the blog.


The Victoria Day weekend is always a good time to take stock, isn’t it? It’s technically our first long weekend of summer, but often the weather isn’t exactly summer-like, as was the case this weekend. And that’s not such a bad thing, because when you have three days to have weekend fun, it’s ok if one of those days is a little on the cool and dark side because that is the optimal time to get yourself situated for the season to come.


And what do we mean by that? Well, spring cleaning is a thing of course, but we’re not talking washing floors and windows and clearing out gutters and gardens – although those things do serve their purpose and they are important, of course. But we are actually talking wardrobe maintenance here. Out with the old and in with the new…seasonal clothes, that is!


A lot of us pack seasonal clothes away at the end of the season. Sometimes this is to save space – closet and drawer space is finite, unfortunately – and sometimes it’s just because we like to shake things up a bit! And, let’s face it, wool sweaters, turtlenecks, and heavy tights just don’t fly in summer in southern Ontario. Waaaay too hot and humid for those, so it’s time to say farewell until the snow flies.


If you’ve been delaying the arrival of your spring/summer wardrobe because it hasn’t felt exactly spring-y OR summer-y lately, but you’re starting to feel the urge to get things moving in that direction, then this is the guide for you. Let us walk you through our steps to putting away the winter gear and finally embracing the lighter, airier parts of your wardrobe for summer!


Step 1: Taking Stock

This is the first and arguably the most important step in the process. You can’t know what you don’t know, so we suggest pulling out the clothes you put away at the end of summer last year and organize them as best you can. We like to create a few piles and call them something like “Definitely keep,” “Maybe keep,” “Definitely give away,” and “Maybe give away.” Your labels may vary, but what you’re looking to do is to organize the outfits that you know you love and want to wear again and again, and the ones that you’re currently feeling a bit “meh” about. These “meh” ones are the outfits that maybe were purchased on impulse, the ones that perhaps don’t fit quite right, but they have such potential, right? We like the rule of two: if you’ve had it for two consecutive seasons, and you haven’t worn it once – basically it just hangs in your closet looking pretty – then it’s time to move it to the “Give away” pile. Harsh, but fair.


Then there are the clothes that looked amazing when you put them away at the end of last summer, but now when you pull them out of their hiding place you realize how a) faded or dated they are or b) that you didn’t really wear them that much last season, so you know what to do. Yup: give away.

And, may we suggest that when you’ve created your give away pile that you immediately put those clothes in a bag and take that bag straight to your car if you have one or at least to the front hall/front door, so that you can take it sooner rather than later to your preferred clothing drop-off or donation place. The longer the bag sticks around your home, the more likely you are to dip into it, so out of sight out of mind is our pro tip!


Step 2: Deciding what you need

The most fun part of this entire task is determining what you might need for the season! If you follow the rule of “one out one in” then you’re good to replace what you’ve given away. It’s a refreshing way to look at shopping and ensuring you’re only getting what you actually need. Now, if you’re a person who needs six bathing suits, well, who are we to judge? But keeping in mind the “one out one in” rule can help you maintain a wardrobe that is functional and efficient.


Step 3: Redoing your closet

Once you’ve got all your summer stuff sorted, you’re going to need to put away last season’s clothes, and this is a good time to take stock of that too. If you’ve ever got to the end of a season and said something like “If I ever have to wear those boots again it will be too soon!” then it might be time to say goodbye to them. This also works for things that no longer fit properly or things that have just straight up worn right out. And, if you can take stock before you put things away, you can add some of your winter wear to the “give away” bag before you head to the donation spot. The only tricky thing is remembering what you gave away when you go to pull out your fall/winter stuff next season. Keeping a list on your closet door or to tuck into the containers you use for storage might be a good idea!


Step 4: Refresh!

Before you wear the spring and summer clothes you’re pulling out, it’s a good idea to refresh them. Even if you have the loveliest cedar-lined chest for your gear (and lucky you if you do!) things might be a little wrinkled, a little stale, so if you’re fortunate enough to have a clothesline, make use of that! Nothing like a little fresh spring air to bring your garments back to life! If a line isn’t an option, tossing your clothes in the dryer on low or a refresh setting and adding a dryer sheet works too.


Step 5: Enjoy, and congratulate yourself on a job well done!

Self-explanatory! It can be a daunting task, and one that we tend to put off, but if you can organize your closets and drawers for the season, you’ll have lots of time left over for the things you love to do.


Have tips for the wardrobe changeover? What do you do to make things easier on yourself? Let us know in the comments!


And, as always, if you have questions or want more information, please get in touch!


Thanks for reading, everyone! We hope your short week actually feels like a short week, and we’ll chat with you again on Friday. Cheers!

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Happy Birthday Willow Salon!

Good morning, everyone! It’s a lovely day and not just because it’s the beginning of a long weekend – THE long weekend you could say, the one we’ve all been waiting for – but it’s a special day for us too, as you probably saw in the title of this post. (if you didn’t see it, that’s ok, it’s early, we understand!)

Please join us in wishing Willow a very happy 14th birthday! That’s right, Willow is part way through her teen years, but instead of being moody and constantly disappearing into her room to blast angsty music, and insist her parents just don’t understand her…wait, sorry, that might have been me at 14, apologies…

Willow is, of course, a much more gregarious teen than most, and as a result has decided to throw a party for all her friends, family, and community!

What does that look like for a salon? Well, today only, Friday, May 17, visit Willow and take 20% off all Aveda products! This is a one-day special offer because we want YOU to celebrate with us. Think of it as your grown-up loot bag!

Unable to pop in today? Give the salon a call and we will set your choices aside for you to pick up at a later date. This is definitely the time to stock up on all your favourites!

Whaaaat? Amazing deal! Pop in today!

We are so pleased to be celebrating our birthday, and fourteen years has truly flown by. We are and continue to be grateful to all of you for your love and support all these years, so a huge thank you to everyone who has helped us become a force in Dundas and the surrounding community.

And, of course, none of it would have happened without Kim’s vision, her drive, and her intensely hard work. So thanks, Kim, for your dedication to making Willow the absolute best place in town! And thanks too for creating an incredible team of hardworking, innovative, and talented women. Cheers to you all and here’s to 14+ more years on King Street!

Happy long weekend, everyone! Have a safe and lovely weekend, wherever your plans take you. We’ll chat with you again on Tuesday.

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Get Ready for the Long Weekend With Us!

We are just a few short days away from the first (unofficial, really) long weekend of the summer! We say unofficial because summer doesn’t actually begin for another month or so, but the Victoria Day weekend – or May 2-4 – has long been the weekend that cottages are opened, camping equipment is tested out for another season, BBQs happen with increasing frequency, and fireworks are the star of the whole thing.


If it feels like we just had a long weekend, well you’re right, we did. Easter was extra late this year, so Victoria Day has kind of come up quickly, but honestly, there is never a bad time for a long weekend, is there? So yeah, no arguments from us! And something else that we want to let you in on, but we’re going to say it quietly so as not to ruin it, but the weather is looking pretty good Friday through Monday! But shhhhh, let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves. We still have a few days of cold rain to get through. But with the promise of a few days off and some sunny skies and warmer temperatures, we can do it, friends!


If you’ve already made plans and you’re all sorted for the weekend, that’s great! If you’re still not sure what you’re going to get up to, well we here at the blog have done a little legwork for you and sourced out some fun ideas, so get ready to make some decisions!

Gearing up for Victoria Day weekend!

First up Tourism Hamilton always comes through with a comprehensive list of what’s happening in the area. They’ve got it covered with everything from art gallery exhibitions and concerts to basketball, baseball, and beer! And speaking of beer…Canadian Beer News has a Beer Festival Calendar you can peruse and find out what’s going on with your favourite local brewery! Or maybe you feel like taking a road trip for beer a little further afield? They’ve got information about breweries and events around Ontario and all across Canada as well, so you’ll be set for the summer too.


If wine is more your thing, be sure to check out Wine Country Ontario for all the upcoming wine-related events and festivals, or to just browse the different wineries and choose one or two to visit on a sunny day! Their site is organized by growing area (smart!) so if you want to stay local, click on either of the Niagara links, but if you’re interested in getting out of town for the holiday weekend, check out Prince Edward County or Lake Erie North Shore & Pelee Island for even more wine opportunities. And definitely check out the Events page and stay up to date on what’s happening in wine country this season!


Late May is often a good time to get to know your local growers, too, and if you are interested in taking in some friendly farms, we can hook you up with that too. The Local Flower Collective is your guide to beautiful blooms with all the details of area flower farms that you can visit. Much like the Wine Country site, TLFC lists farms close to Hamilton as well as in other parts of Ontario, so you’re covered no matter where you’re headed this weekend. For more farm information including fruit and vegetable farms and orchards, check out the website for Ontario Farm Fresh. This page will provide you with everything you ever wanted to know about visiting a farm including farm etiquette for first-timers, guides to picking your own apples and strawberries, and of course a detailed guide listing of farms all over Ontario. Search by postal code or what kind of farm you want to visit and get a custom list just for you. Farms make great day trips and day trips can get a lot of fun on long weekends. Visit The Heart of Ontario for 7 FUN FAMILY DAY TRIPS IN HAMILTON HALTON BRANT and choose your own adventure.


Finally, if fireworks are on your agenda for this long holiday weekend, To Do Canada has a list of Victoria Day Weekend Fireworks in Ontario including all the details for our very own Dundas Driving Park event!


Whew! Lots of choices, and we hope this didn’t make things more difficult for you! The great thing about this weekend is that it kicks off Summer, so if there are things you want to do that you don’t get to this weekend, well you’ve got a few months of nice weather and hopefully some vacation that will allow you to take advantage of some of these ideas now through Labour Day and beyond!


And please remember that Willow will be CLOSED on Saturday so our team can also have a lovely long weekend too!


Have a great week, everyone, and happy holiday weekend planning! We’ll chat again on Friday.

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Welcome to the Team II

Good morning and welcome back to Friday! It’s not the long weekend just yet, but it is Mother’s Day weekend, and we hope our last couple of posts gave you the inspiration you need to treat your mom – or yourself – to something fun and lovely this weekend.


Today we have another Willow team member to introduce and so without further delay, please welcome Alysia!

If you’ve been to Willow lately, you’ll likely have seen her doing a variety of things around the salon. As an apprentice, she’s always on the go. And, if you participated in our braid bar for Earth Month you will definitely know her as the braid wizard! We asked Alysia, like we did Mallory last week, to tell us a little bit about herself. We asked her a few questions like what brought you to Willow, etc. and now here, in her own words, is her story:


To answer your questions, what brought me to the salon was actually Melissa! She was my teacher at hair school and I kept going to see her for haircuts after I graduated. She was the one who brought me to Willow and has been helping me along in the journey of my apprenticeship. Melissa is an amazing teacher still, and I am happy to be doing my apprenticeship under her wing.


This is my first career and It is all really exciting and I cannot wait to explore all that it has to offer.


In my off hours I like to go to dinner with my friends, go the movies or even have a chill night at home. I also enjoy family time. I do have a large family so there is always something going on. And, as much as I love them, I do enjoy a quieter night at home sometimes! As for restaurants in the area, I haven’t been to any yet but do really want to try them.


My favourite Aveda product would have to be the Air Control hairspray, it leaves a light movable hold and smells amazing!

Big thanks to Alysia for participating in our getting to know you post! We’re so happy to have you at Willow as you begin your salon career.


Thanks for reading, everyone! Enjoy the weekend and if you are celebrating Mother’s Day, enjoy that too. If Mother’s Day is a difficult one for you, we do encourage you to take the time you need. Whether it’s to reflect, to grieve, to remember, or to just be, we wish you comfort and an easy time of it.


We’ll see you back here on Tuesday, friends, as we gear up for the long weekend! Take good care and see you then.

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More For Mother’s Day

Good morning and welcome back to the week!


If you are like a lot of people, you’re gearing up for a special weekend. That’s right, Mother’s Day is this coming Sunday, and whether you’re planning something elaborate for the Moms in your life, or you’re opting for something a little more low-key, we at Willow have some ideas to help your plans along.


First off, of course, Aveda has gifts exclusively for Mother’s Day and you are sure to find something absolutely perfect for giving.


And, to go along with the gift idea, Willow has an excellent Mother’s Day deal happening right now too. Purchase a $100 gift card and receive a voucher for a free blow-dry, valued at $40. You can give the gift of beautiful hair along with the gift card OR you can keep the blow-dry voucher and treat yourSELF in the coming weeks! It’s only fair, right?


And if you’re looking for something fun to do on the weekend for Mom, the Tourism Hamilton website has a lengthy list of events and happenings. Some highlights include Stories in the Stones: The Hamilton Women’s Tour, a guided tour that looks at the important role women have played in the history of Hamilton, and a Downtown Hamilton Ghost Walk – both happening on Saturday!


If fashion is more your thing – or your Mom’s thing – you might want to take in Milli: A Celebration of Style at the Art Gallery of Hamilton, an exhibition looking at the life and career of fashion retailer Milli Gould and her iconic Hamilton store.


There is truly something for everyone here in Hamilton this weekend, so take advantage of all the offerings and make some plans! There’s still time!


Have a great week everyone, we’ll see you again on Friday.

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Welcome to the Team!

Happy Friday, blogfriends, and welcome back to the blog!

We hope your week has been a good one, and that you are looking forward to a fun, exciting and/or relaxing weekend.

Today we are very pleased to bring you something special – or should we say someone special? Yes, yes we should.

We haven’t done a Willow team member profile in quite some time, but the Willow team has grown in the past several months, and it is high time we did. And so today, we are pleased to introduce you to our very own Mallory!

If you haven’t already met Mallory at the salon, well today you get to hear, in her own words, a little bit about her; a bit about her career, what brought her to Willow, what she likes to do when she’s not working magic in the salon, that sort of thing. So, without further delay, we are so pleased to share Mallory’s story with you all.


Hi, my name is Mallory and I am extremely excited to be the newest member of the Willow Salon Team. I have had a number of interesting twists and turns in my career and worked in salons from Vancouver to Toronto but, being born and raised in the area, I always knew I wanted to return to the Dundas/Ancaster area to put down roots.

I started out in the hair industry over twelve years ago when, after graduating with a Fine Arts degree from Wilfrid Laurier University, I attended the Aveda Institute in Toronto. I immediately fell in love with this profession as it gave me the opportunity to combine two of my passions: the Arts and People. I love being able to meet new and interesting people on a daily basis and to get the opportunity to make each of them feel beautiful.

I enjoyed many years working as a stylist before I decided to head back to school to complete my Bachelor of Education at the University of Western Ontario. Once I graduated, I spent two years as an Educator at the Aveda Institute in Toronto teaching future hair stylists. Although I really enjoyed taking on this new role, my time as an Educator helped me realize that what I loved most about working in this profession was getting to build relationships with my own clients.

I offer a full range of services from cut to colour, highlighting to balayage and styling but what I love the most is getting to work with my clients to create short, structured haircuts. From the classic bob to a messy pixie cut, this is where I find myself most inspired!

I have recently returned to Dundas with my growing family and I feel extremely fortunate to not only return to the area where I grew up but also find a home working in the Dundas community. When I first met with Kim I knew immediately that Willow Salon was where I wanted to be! The Willow Team is made up of talented, kind, and creative stylists and I knew that working alongside these women would inspire me to become an even better stylist for my clients.  

When I am not in the salon I enjoy spending time with my family. A lot of my time is spent chasing after my two-year-old son, but whenever I get the chance I love to go out for dinner and drinks with good friends. A favourite spot of mine is CIMA enoteca on Locke Street. I also never miss an opportunity to pop into Shawn and Ed’s Brewery for a cold beer and greasy bag of chips! I am very excited to see what the future holds for me at Willow Salon and am looking forward to making Dundas gorgeous one head at a time.

Thanks so much for this amazing introduction, Mallory! We are thrilled to have you as part of the team!

Thanks to all of you for reading, and have a fabulous weekend! We’ll be back with more bloggy info on Tuesday, and we’ll see you then.


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Earth Month Finale With Encore: Keep It Going, All Year Round!

Happy Tuesday, and yes, it’s the final day of April!


We are not going to talk about yesterday’s…uh…precipitation…yes, good, let’s just call it that…because tomorrow is May, and things have got to be looking up, right? RIGHT.


April is basically done, and we had our last Earth Month braid bar this past Saturday. If you didn’t get a chance to stop in for braids for a cause, there is a good chance we will do it again in the future, because it was such a great success! Thank you to everyone who came out and got sweet braids for the cause! And just as a little aside, your blogger just happened to be at Willow this past Saturday and saw a wee little girl sit perfectly still while Alysia gave her the loveliest Elsa braid! It was so delightful to witness, and that little girl was one of many very satisfied Willow braid bar clients.


And, speaking of braids and Earth Month, we are happy to share a couple of great ideas from the always fabulous Living Aveda website for you today.


We all know that conserving water is a big part of Earth Month, and when Aveda has so many great no-wash day products that we can use, it’s easy to skip a shampoo or two. Living Aveda has made it even easier with some great 5-minute styles for those days when you don’t 100% need to wash your hair! In this first video there is a GREAT braid option for no-wash day, as well as a couple of other styles that you can recreate using Aveda’s awesome new Rinseless Refresh.


For even more Earth Month no-wash ideas, take a look at Living Aveda’s breakdown of some of Aveda’s best no-wash products. With a wide variety of products, it can be hard to know what to use when. This helpful post gives you all the info so you can save time, save water, AND look fab, too!


Earth Month ends when April ends, but that doesn’t mean we have to go back to NOT thinking about the earth. There are lots of great ways to conserve, to reuse, to recycle, and Aveda is definitely helping make a lot of this happen. We can all do our part, as they say.


Have a great week, everyone! We’ll see you in May!

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