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More Halloween Ideas We Love

Happy Friday, everyone! And we also want to say Happy Halloween party weekend! You know it’s all going down this Friday and/or Saturday night – if you’re an adult, that is. If you’re still of the trick-or-treating age, you’ll have to wait for Wednesday, but for all you grown-up ghouls and goblins, get ready to get your party on!


We’ve done a little bit with Halloween makeup and post-party makeup removal already here on the blog, but we would be remiss if we didn’t share Living Aveda’s tips for putting your best face forward on Halloween 2018. So, we are pleased to present 3 Easy Halloween Looks We Love. And honestly? We do love them all!


In just under a minute, Aveda makeup artist Yolie Deisch (Instagram @yolie.salonoriana) transforms fresh-faced and bare-faced model Julianne into a woodland fairy, (ethereal beauty) a scarecrow (so adorable) and an evil queen (glammed up rocker chick with an evil twist) using nothing but Aveda makeup. Quick and easy costume? Don’t mind if we do!

Now obviously these looks are going to take a little longer than a minute to complete – that’s the magic of video – but you get the idea. And the costume to go along with the makeup? As simple as can be.


For the woodland fairy? A pair of gauzy wings and a flower crown paired with a flowy dress or robe. Scarecrow? Straw hat and overalls (all the rage right now!) The evil queen might be a bit higher maintenance, but that’s to be expected from a queen. Still, a tiara/crown, some flash jewelry, and a costume cape in regal purple or red would most definitely get the point across.


So don’t fret if you’re still on the fence about who or what to be, Aveda has you covered. Between this and the other links we’ve posted this week, you should be just fine.


And please do send us pics of your Halloween looks! We’d love to see where your imagination has taken you this year.


As always, thanks for reading, and have a wonderful weekend! If you’re partying, enjoy, and please do it safely. We look forward to chatting with you again on Tuesday, everyone.


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Holiday Preview, Courtesy of Aveda!

Good morning, and happy day-after-the-election! Lots of buzz around the city and province yesterday, and let’s hope our newly-elected officials are committed to providing the best possible city for everyone in the greater HamOnt community!


So now election day has passed, we have another week or so ‘til Halloween, and guess what that means? It means that when your blogger headed to to check out the site and see what’s new, she was greeted with the 2018 Holiday Gift Guide. Spooooooky, kiddies! Yikes.


Now, from a business and retailer perspective, an early start to the holiday product is a good thing. You need time to get it all into the store (or salon), and you need time to set it up and get it moving for customers and clients. So while it seems pretty extreme, it makes a lot of sense. And don’t worry, this is just the online pre-order merchandise, you won’t see Willow all decked out in red, green, and jingle bells just yet.


So if you’re ready to dive into the season, you might want to see what’s available – or will become available – in Aveda’s holiday gift guide. As always, there are great deals and lovely gift sets in gorgeous packaging. Want a sneak peek? You got it!


The Gift of a Little Stress Relief is a sweet little combination pack of stress fix body oil and hand cream. Relaxing never smelled so good! A Gift of Comfort and Light is the perfect ginger and ginger lily soy candle that will be a welcome addition to a cold winter night. And, look to A Gift to Make Her Smile for a pair of rehydrating lip glaze lip glosses in limited edition holiday shades cherry nectar and golden lily. The perfect finishing touch for a perfect holiday outfit.


So that’s just a little taste of what’s ahead for the holiday season from Aveda. As always, all Aveda gifts come in packaging that is responsible and sustainable, and you can learn more about our paper packaging here: This commitment to the environment – particularly at such a busy and consumption-heavy season, is one of our favourite things about Aveda, and one that we are very proud to support.


Giving back, giving thanks, giving support…all things that Aveda, and Willow Salon, do year round, but we especially like to step it up even further during the holidays. So while sure, it might be a wee bit early to dive deep into the festive season, but we are pretty excited about what’s ahead, and we couldn’t wait to share.


Enjoy the rest of the week, everyone. Take comfort in knowing that you’ve still got time to prepare for the big days in December – lots of time, in fact – and there’s no need to sweat it just yet. We got you.


See you Friday, friends!


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Taking it Off: Halloween Makeup Edition

Welcome to Friday and the start of another weekend!


Now, it technically isn’t the last weekend before Halloween, BUT it is the last weekend before those Halloween parties, right? No one – well, unless you’re trick-or-treating – really celebrates on the 31st, do they? It’s mid-week, and most of us will need to get for work or school on the 1st of November, so if you’re partying it up for the spooky holiday, you will likely be doing it next weekend. Which gives you this weekend to get your costume organized. No pressure, mind you.


On Tuesday we looked at some super cool makeup ideas – both scary and sweet – and if you were inspired by those, we’re really glad! Putting the makeup and the glitter and the false eyelashes or gory scars is one thing…taking all that stuff off is a whole other witch’s cauldron of fish…or something like that…


But, your blogging team is ON IT for you, friends. We really don’t want you to suffer through another second of trying to wipe that goop off your overly tired face, so we’ve done the research for you. All you need to do is take some notes and pick up any supplies in advance of your party. Then, when you arrive home in the wee hours “too tired” (ahem) to figure out how to safely and quickly take off your face, you’re already set with everything you need. That whole planning ahead can be a real bonus sometimes, honestly. So here we go!


PopSugar goes old school with suggestions like Vaseline and Pond’s cold cream (that’s right, cold cream!) because why mess with the classics? Your grandma was probably on to something, honestly. They’ve also got a couple of other ideas that work hardcore to remove that stubborn vampire blood and whatever else Halloween can throw at your face, too.


Allure brings out the big guns with their Halloween makeup removal survival guide, including face oils, a mascara pre-removal oil, and a sonic cleansing brush, ie the belt sander of the makeup removal world. Ok, we’re kidding about that last part, it’s most definitely NOT a belt sander, but if you’re dealing with seriously tough makeup, this is something that might be worth looking into.

Calm is the goal after thick, greasy Halloween makeup!

One thing to remember after all is said and done – and hopefully removed – is to properly cleanse, tone, and moisturize your face too. Taking off the makeup is only the first step, even if it’s technically many steps, but your skin will thank you if, after the makeup is gone, you take the time to give it some TLC.


Look to Aveda for some of that special skin care post-heavy duty Halloween makeup, especially the Tulasāra line, known for its incredible moisturizing and protection properties. Think of the calm concentrate to soothe skin and reduce redness – there is definitely a chance of redness after wearing Halloween makeup all night. And also consider the wedding masque overnight moisturizer to deeply moisturize and brighten skin that’s been overworked and overstressed. 

Deep moisturizing for extreme situations


So now that you know what you need to prepare (seriously, invest in that drugstore cold cream for starters!) you’ll be good to go!

We hope this weekend is a good one for you, friends. Take your time to do what you need to do, especially if the next weekend is going to be a busy one. Even Halloween ghouls need some time to themselves. See you back here on Tuesday.


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Best (Halloween) Face Forward

Good morning and happy Tuesday!


We are deep into October now, and that can only mean one thing: Halloween is almost here. Have you started thinking about your costume yet? Whether you dive head first into the whole spooky season, or you are a reluctant participant in all things Halloween, there is bound to be something in today’s post that speaks to you.


Today we are taking a look at some Halloween makeup ideas – everything from the basic DIY kinds of witches and vampires to some completely outrageous and gorgeous looks that might require a bit of practice before the big day.


If you’ve noticed, the past few years have seen a giant upswing in intense makeup looks for Halloween, even more than costumes. With the rise of Pinterest, Instagram, and especially YouTube, more and more people are taking to the web to share their knowledge and skill with anyone interested in detailed makeup application. And for those of us at home, this can be a fantastic way to get ideas for costumes – and follow along on the tutorials to perfect our own looks.

It’s getting closer…are you ready?

So if you have an idea for what or who you want to be but aren’t sure how to get started, we highly recommend searching online. There is likely someone who’s figured it out for you! Or, if you have absolutely no clue what you’re going to do for the big day or the big party weekend, well, the web can also help inspire you!


We have rounded up a few good examples of some killer (haha pun sort of intended!) makeup looks that can be yours before the end of the month.


Marie Claire has 12 amazing looks and provides the videos so you can see how the models transform themselves – or are transformed – into their chosen personas. Not to be outdone, Good Housekeeping gives us 35 super cool and easy ideas – easy is their word, not ours, your mileage may vary – but yes, some of them do look like you could whip them up last minute, but still make quite an impression. Videos for a lot of these looks too, which is super helpful.


Finally, Glamour has 91 – yes, 91 – makeup ideas, so there is just no excuse now, right?!? Everything from adorable animals – the giraffe is SO cute! – to Ouija boards (very original!) and Zombie Taylor Swift, you can find it ALL here, friends!


Do we have you convinced yet, those of you still on the fence about Halloween? Even something subtle can be effective, so don’t be afraid to test the waters! You’ve still got a couple of weeks to get organized and practice your favourite look, so have fun!


Enjoy the rest of the week, everyone. We’ll be back here on Friday to talk makeup again, but this time, we’ll look at the best ways to remove that Halloween makeup that you so painstakingly applied. All good things must come to an end, after all.


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Glam Up!

Good morning everyone, and welcome to another Friday! Have you been outside yet? It is downright chilly! That last blast of summer we had earlier in the week is clearly just a memory now, and it’s time to embrace all things fall!


And, not that we’re counting, but we are a mere seven weeks from the beginning of the holiday party season and whoa, where does the time go?!?


You’re probably not thinking just yet of your party looks, but it won’t be long before stores, magazines, and online sources are touting THE looks for the season, so in our minds, why not get a jump on them? And THEN you can relax, once you’re sorted. Sound good?


If you’re clicking the little x on your browser window right now, well we understand! But for those of you who are ready to rock and shine this coming holiday season, we urge you to check out the video tutorial we’ve got planned for you today!


Nothing says you’re ready for your holiday close-up like a bold red lip and some soft, shiny waves, and this video shows you how to get both!


With just a couple of products – volumizing tonic and Shampure dry shampoo, video blogger Jackie Wyers shows us how to get gorgeously full, voluminous, cascading waves, complete with a subtle braid to add texture. Follow along with her as she instructs us on catching those waves and then, following up with a gorgeous bold red lip.


Using Aveda’s nourishing lip treatment, lip primer (a must-have for long-lasting lips!) lip liner and – and this is an interesting concept – a blend of Aveda feed my lips lip colour. It might seem like a lot of work, but the end result is absolute perfection.


Ready to get started? Click play on the link, and give it a go. If you start now you’ll be good to go for the holidays, while everyone else is just getting started preparing their glam looks.


Have a wonderful weekend, everyone. Do what you need to make sure you are feeling your best for the next few days. You sure do deserve it.

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Caramel and Honey and Amber and…Bronde? Your New Fall Faves are Here!

We are back after the long Thanksgiving weekend, and we hope it was a good one for you! Wouldn’t it be great if three-day weekends were the norm? Imagine all the things we could accomplish! Even if those things were brunch and naps, we would still be accomplishing things!


Are you ready for fall now? It seems like a strange question to ask since we’ve been experiencing fall for a couple of weeks now, but somehow that transition seems to happen faster once Thanksgiving is over. If you were out and about this past weekend you probably noticed the trees doing their thing, and within a few days, the colours will be spectacular. Pumpkins and decorative gourds are everywhere now, on porches and windowsills, and in grocery store bins, and of course, the stores all have their Halloween candy, costumes and decorations ready to go. So yeah. Bam! We are heavily into fall right now.


If you’re into it, well hooray! Fall can be pretty great. If you’re thinking ahead to what comes after fall, well, we get it. Fall is pretty, and winter can be too, but let’s be honest, fall is brief and winter often seems to last forever. So why not embrace our fleeting fall season, and try not to think about what’s next?


To get us through, let’s take a look at some hot new hair colour trends that match and coordinate with the gorgeous fall colours we’re about to be experiencing. Sometimes a little shift in our hair’s colour or the addition of some seasonally-inspired highlights can do wonders for our mood and our outlook. Shaking things up – even temporarily – is highly recommended this time of year. Make your own sunshine, we always say! And here are a few articles to help you with that.

Look to nature for inspiration this season

We’ll kick things off with ELLE and 7 New Hair Colors to Consider This Winter, a list that not only gets us thinking but also gets us craving something sweet. Honey, caramel, and dark chocolate all make the grade for the fall and winter, along with copper, amber, and espresso. Don’t they all conjure up amazingly vibrant images in your mind? You can take a look at the celebrity examples they include to help you – with the help of your Willow team member – create your dream colour (or flavour!)


Next, check out Marie-Claire’s take on the latest with 5 Fall Hair Colors You’re About to See Everywhere, including caramel (again) and the seemingly newly-coined term “bronde.” If you aren’t sure, this is a combination of brown and blonde (you probably figured that out, honestly) and Allure has an entire article dedicated to this colour trend with 21 Bronde Hair Ideas That Look Amazing on Everyone. There are some gorgeous looks in this gallery and if it’s true that there is something for everyone, well you might have just found your newest favourite colour trend!


So shake off the remnants of summer – we know it can be difficult – and launch yourself fully into fall! Whether it’s with a giant pumpkin spice latte, preparing for a killer Halloween party, or taking your hair colour to another level, we hope you take advantage of what the season has to offer.


Enjoy the short work week, friends, and keep some of that Thanksgiving spirit alive as you head back into the week. We’ll chat again on Friday.

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Hairstyling, at the Speed of Light!

Good morning, happy Friday, and a very happy start to the long Thanksgiving weekend to all!


We are very excited to be able to introduce you to a fantastic new product from Aveda (who else!) that might just be the answer to some of our wishes and/or prayers.


We all know that Aveda keeps bringing products into the world that consistently blow our minds, but this one might be the one that surpasses them all.


Introducing Speed of Light Blow Dry Accelerator Spray, your new best friend!


Now before we get started on what this product is all about, let’s talk a little bit about the blow dry. It’s a great way to get your hair looking the way you want it to, and a good blow out can last a couple of days, thanks to dry shampoo. If you’re someone who puts the dryer away in the summer months, you are probably looking forward to getting back into the routine of drying and styling your hair, now that you won’t be getting heat stroke! But think of the time you’ve saved over the past few months with that wash-and-go routine! Now consider this new product that is designed to reduce blowdrying time AND protect your hair from thermal styling damage AND reduce breakage…and yeah, we probably had you at “reduce blow drying time” didn’t we???


Let’s face it, drying our hair can really cut into our morning routine, can’t it? Depending on your hair’s length, thickness, etc. a good portion of our time getting ready for work or school can be spent on our hair, and if we could reduce that time – all the while protecting our hair from breakage and damage – well who wouldn’t be into that?

Speed of Light uses naturally derived lactic acid from sugar beets which helps smooth and seal the cuticle, allowing for increased airflow around the hair, which helps cut blow drying time. It also contains propanediol, a corn-derived humectant which is part of a blend of ingredients that moisturize hair to help protect it against regular heat styling.


Now having said all that, we think we can safely call this product a gamechanger. A Game. Changer.


So go ahead and hit snooze again, Speed of Light has got you covered, friends.

Wishing you all a very Happy Thanksgiving filled with whatever it is you need: good food, friends and family and lots of activity, or some quiet time, time to reflect and solitude. Whatever it is, we hope you get it. You deserve it.

And, lastly, a big thanks to all of YOU; for reading, for being part of the Willow family, and for everything you bring to our community. Heartfelt thanks to you, and we’ll see you back here on Tuesday!


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Thanksgiving: It’s More Than Just Turkey!

Good morning everyone, and welcome to October! Holy cats, it’s true. It’s the spooky month already. Time to bust out the pumpkins, gourds, and horns of plenty, go apple picking, prepare for Thanksgiving, and plan your Halloween costume and festivities. BUT NO PRESSURE.

Whew. October is a lot, honestly. Best to take it step by step, if you can. First up is Thanksgiving, and whether you’re planning to host or attend a massive dinner with friends and family, or you’ve got something a little smaller and more intimate in mind, it’s always a good idea to make sure to focus on the meaning of this holiday.

It’s a harvest festival, sure, but when you break down the name of this festival into two separate words, the whole idea becomes a bit more interesting. So often we just think “Thanksgiving turkey, dinner, gathering, gotta get food, etc.” because there is so much to do to prepare and organize that we kind of forget the whole giving thanks part of it.

It’s worth it, in the lead up to this potentially busy weekend, to consider the things we’re thankful for. It actually goes a long way to preventing some of the stressors that can affect us when we’re prepping for a big gathering or travelling to visit family. Think about why you’re doing what you’re doing, and who you’re doing it for. Once you take a small step back from cleaning, cooking, and organizing to really get the full picture, you’ll probably find that some of the chores that you’re required to do don’t seem quite as daunting.

Planning a big meal for the people you love? Focus on that – the love you have for your friends or family – instead of creating the perfect Instagram-worthy table setting. Need to stop into the grocery store at the last minute and stressed about the crowds? Consider picking up a few things for those in your community who maybe can’t get to the grocery store, or who will be going without this holiday weekend.

Looking at the bigger picture can really help us put things into perspective, and it’s that mindfulness that can prevent big Thanksgiving weekend headaches, and make our lives a little fuller and richer. 

October also signals the arrival of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and this year, Aveda is featuring a limited edition Shampure aroma (mmmmm… lovely!) Hand Relief with $5 of the purchase price going toward breast cancer research.

This gorgeous hand cream makes the perfect hostess gift, or a really wonderful treat for yourself or someone you love. You can even (dare we say it?) consider picking up a few for Christmas gifts. Not to get too far ahead of ourselves or anything…

However you are celebrating Thanksgiving this weekend, please do take the time to enjoy yourself. Stop and look around, be mindful, and really think about those two words that make up our turkey holiday: Thanks. Giving.

We’re back here Friday with another special Aveda announcement, so until then, enjoy the week, and take good care of yourselves and those around you. We know you can.

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Sick Day Style…Help is Here!

Good morning and Happy Friday once again! We hope your week has been a good one!


On Tuesday we chatted a bit about making the move from summer to fall and found some tips on what you can do to prepare for colder weather, that dramatic change from heat and humidity to chilly temperatures and drier air. Today we want to keep that conversation going in a way, with a guide to another kind of seasonal change. And that is moving from the healthy to the sick season.


We all know that fall is the time when the germs come out to play, and colds, flus, infections and the like can start to run rampant. Think about it: school is back in session so there are lots of young people in large classrooms all day long; people are heading to and from school and work and public transit use is definitely higher in the fall season. And, while the summer sees us spending time in the outdoors – open air festivals, concerts, beach days and park visits – autumn sees us inside more frequently. And all of these factors combine to create the perfect environment for those germs to really do some damage to us. There are loads of ways to protect yourself from colds and flus, of course, the flu shot being the biggest one for us here in Canada. But what if you’re caught off guard? You feel that tickle in the throat or that stuffy, sneeziness, and try as you might, you just can’t shake it. Before you know it, it’s a full blown cold, and honestly, you JUST DO NOT HAVE TIME FOR THIS! What then?


It’s true that this is kind of a personal post today, as your blogger is suffering from a pretty brutal cold. Which is not fun, of course, but normally with a cold, taking a day off school or work, getting some rest, drinking plenty of fluids, and taking cold meds (if possible) is the best way to deal with a bad cold. And sometimes that’s just perfect. But, occasionally, you have other things planned that you a) do NOT want to miss and b) require you to show up looking good – and that, dear friends, is where we are today.


Your blogger has a wedding to attend tomorrow. That’s right, a wedding. Now as much as, when we’re feeling poorly, we’d like to just laze around in sweats and warm socks, sometimes these important events call for fresh faces and formal clothes, and we all know a wedding is one of those events. Even the most casual of weddings requires us to get at least a little bit fancy. And how on earth do you do that when you feel like you just want to lie down for the next 48 hours? Well, friends…you fake it.


The internet can be a beautifully helpful place when you’re looking for ways to make yourself NOT look like death, and so, in the spirit of helping – because you might need this too, one day – here are a few resources to consider when it’s your turn…


Our pals at Refinery29 give us the straight-talking business with their article Spa Day For The Sickly: How To Look Good When You Feel Like Shit. They talk everything from a steaming, detoxifying and decongestant bath to cooling eye drops and a hydrating lotion for your poor, poor nose. Some great products here.


Stylecaster gives us How to Look Gorgeous, Even When You’re Sick and that’s what we are talking about! Give us those tips and tricks to fake a healthy glow and to lose the red nose!


And finally, Teen Vogue helps us be ready for photos with How To Look #NoFilter Flawless When You Have A Cold. Tea bags for your puffy eyes, waterproof eye makeup, and cream blush are great tips for sure.


This is one of those posts that you’re going to want to file away for future reference, no doubt. Or, if you have your own tips for looking fab while feeling awful, please send them along. Before tomorrow, if at all possible, haha!


Ah, just kidding. Have a great weekend, everyone, we hope you’re staying healthy so far! We’ll chat again on Tuesday, where we will be gearing up for the long Thanksgiving weekend – can’t wait!


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Seasons Change…

We are back at it for the work week, and ready to hit the ground running! We hope you are too!


It is most definitely starting to feel like fall out there, which makes sense, given that fall is HERE! It’s true, the Autumnal Equinox happened in the wee hours of Saturday morning, so that chill we are starting to feel in the air is (mostly) here to stay.


We talked about the whole desire to get organized once fall arrives – those Virgo vibes getting us all sorted and ordered – and if you are doing your best to get into (and stay in) a routine, why not check your skin, hair, and makeup products while you’re at it?


It’s challenging, this in-between time for everything from your wardrobe to your makeup choices. Big bulky sweaters are everywhere, but it’s maybe not quite chilly enough to dive right into those. Our light, breezy, and bronzy sunkissed makeup colours seem a little bit out of place now that it’s pumpkin spice season, but we’re also not yet ready to embrace the heady darker and heavier fall and winter looks. What’s a stylish person to do?

Fall vibes are calling

Well, we all have those pieces of clothing that can move between seasons – think a denim jacket thrown over a sundress, or a big wrap or pashmina to complete a tank top and jeans combo. And the fashion mags are full of tips this time of year too, which is great.


We like to encourage people to take stock in the fall, because, and yes, we hate to say it, winter IS coming, and if you can prep your hair and skin beforehand, you’ll thank your smart self in January!


So, much like a jacket or a shawl, consider adding a little extra protection in the form of moisture to your hair and skin routines. It might not seem like the air is overly dry right now, but we know it will get there – sooner rather than later – and slowly introducing some deep conditioning now and then will make a big difference. Consider something like the Dry Remedy line for hair, or the Tulasara line for skin as insurance against the harsh elements that are on their way.


Hands, feet, lips…they can all use a little extra loving right now, in preparation for chillier air. Why risk the soreness that can come with chapped lips and cracked skin on hands and feet? Indulge in Hand and Foot Relief as well as Lip Saver as often as you can, and reap the benefits later in the season.


Now might also be a good time to move to a more moisturizing foundation, as well. Maybe you’re someone who switches to an oil-free formulation during the summer (for obvious reasons) but as the air gets drier, so too will your skin, so the more moisture, the better. Lipsticks and glosses with moisturizers are a good call as well, including the gorgeous colours of Aveda’s Feed My Lips line. Perfect year round, but especially in the move deeper into fall.


If it pains you to talk about getting ready for the cold, well we feel ya! But your whole self will appreciate the steps you’re taking now, guaranteed.

If we missed anything, or if you have a tried and true idea for fall skin and hair prep, let us know in the comments! We are always looking for ideas to share with our readers – that’s you!


Enjoy the week, everyone. And, as always, thanks for reading. We’ll chat again on Friday.

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