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Category Archives: Makeup

Tuesday Tricks: Fake It ‘Til You Make It!

Good morning and happy day after the long Canada Day weekend. Was it tough getting up this morning? We totally get it. The weather is making us feel like staying in bed all day long so far today, that’s for sure. It’s a little dull and overcast out there for starters; humid and muggy to…

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Video Tutorial Friday: Good Brows in Action!

Good morning, it’s Friday again, and by the end of this short week, we are definitely ready for the weekend! We hope you’ve had a good week, and that the holiday Monday didn’t mess you up too badly. Do you ever feel as if you’re a day ahead or a day behind after the long…

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No-Buy Knowhow

Have you ever tried to do a month of not buying anything? Ok, not anything, of course. You need things like food and medication and other essentials of course. But there has been a growing movement over the past few years to take a month off from buying anything other than necessities.   We’re not…

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New Product Alert: Brow Definer = WOW Definer!

It’s not news that full, well-defined, and expertly shaped eyebrows are having a moment or two right now. In fact, cultivated and groomed brows have been featured for quite some time, and hours of screen time have been spent trying to recreate the perfect brow. We see brow bars – establishments and shops dedicated exclusively…

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Flashback Friday: Get Cleaning!

Good Friday morning, everyone! We’re back with another lifehack kind of post – or, as they used to call them back in the day, household hints. We’re not sure when that changed, but we do have to admit that lifehack does sound like household hints’ cooler cousin, so we’ll roll with it. This time we…

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Sunny Days and Tips for Lips!

Good morning and happy Friday once again!   It feels as though winter has finally arrived in our neck of the woods, doesn’t it? After a December that was relatively warm (you know, for the winter) January has plunged us right into a deep freeze. The tradeoff is that at least we are getting to…

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Start the Party with These Glam Looks

It’s Friday, friends! And not just any Friday, but if you’re in the festive spirit, it might just be holiday party Friday…and Saturday…and maybe even Sunday. Whew, there truly is no rest for the festive!   The holiday shindigs just keep on comin’, don’t they? And, whether you’re heading out to a formal corporate event,…

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Fashion and Beauty Inspiration From a Familiar Face!

Good morning and happy Friday morning to you! On Tuesday we promised something special for today, and we always make good on our promises, so let’s get straight to it. Some of our favourite things to post here on the blog are videos. Whether they’re DIY makeup or hair tutorials, skincare regimens, or new featured…

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Read Our Lips: We Need Colour

Well. November has arrived with a soggy, soggy bang, hasn’t it? Hoo boy, that RAIN. Ok, we won’t go all Guns ‘n’ Roses on you, BUT you can really start to feel the move from fall into the next season (don’t worry, we won’t name it just yet) even while the temperatures stay relatively mild….

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More Halloween Ideas We Love

Happy Friday, everyone! And we also want to say Happy Halloween party weekend! You know it’s all going down this Friday and/or Saturday night – if you’re an adult, that is. If you’re still of the trick-or-treating age, you’ll have to wait for Wednesday, but for all you grown-up ghouls and goblins, get ready to…

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